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“Cosmetic surgery is booming, but so is the competition,” says Gary Grasso, director of Doctor’s PR & Marketing. Cosmetic surgeons must emphasize what makes them unique.

United States (PRUnderground) September 26th, 2014

“The demand for cosmetic surgery is thriving, which presents both opportunities and challenges for providers,” says Gary Grasso, director of Doctor’s PR & Marketing, an agency which has extensive experience in medical PR and marketing. “The opportunities are virtually unlimited for practices that offer quality care combined with the best technology, excellent patient service and a multi-media marketing strategy. With so many media outlets in broadcast, online and print the challenge lies in how to create and promote the most compelling messages to prospective patients.

Doctors on TV
Doctor’s PR creates cosmetic surgery story ideas and places cosmetic surgeons on multiple TV news and talk shows across the country, including the Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors, Good Morning America, TODAY and hundreds of local TV news broadcasts. “This TV exposure has proven to be the ‘gold standard’ in building credibility and driving public demand for cosmetic treatments and procedures, but there is so much more we can do to build cosmetic practices,” says Grasso.

“Let’s begin with branding. The message of what a practice has to offer and how treatments and procedures are described is crucial. A practice must develop its own protocols and descriptions of treatments to reflect what the doctor believes to provide the best results for his or her patients. In some cases, the cosmetic surgeon should consider the creation of compelling brand names for procedures which can be used to build a unique marketing identity. Doctor’s P.R. has created several branded names for clients which are used to market their cosmetic procedures. These names are used within the context of an overall marketing strategy conducted across multiple outlets including TV news and talk shows, online PR, blog articles and original video.”

Online PR for cosmetic surgery
“A strong presence in online search is extremely important for any cosmetic surgery practice, however we must think beyond the confines of SEO for websites,” says Grasso. “Even though a doctor’s website may be beautifully designed and rank well in search results, that provides just one opportunity to be seen online. What if we could create a dominant presence in search results with multiple articles and video showing on the first page of Google search? Better yet, consider the power of achieving similar results under multiple search terms.”

SEO or WPO? What about both?
Cosmetic surgeons can attract new patient inquiries and continue communication with their established patients by boosting their SEO with “WPO,” or web presence optimization, says Grasso. “A strategic mix of well-written press releases, video content, articles in blogs and other online strategies can result in multiple exposures on the first page of Google search, which if undertaken correctly can be replicated for multiple search terms,” says Grasso.

To learn more about the Multi-Media PR & Marketing program for cosmetic surgeons contact Gary Grasso, director of Doctor’s PR & Marketing vial email at or call direct at 626-222-7955. Visit

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