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Industry: Horiculture

Your own back garden is a place where you can get creative with the outdoors, a great place to make something that is well and truly ‘you’

UK (PRUnderground) August 7th, 2012

Your own back garden is a place where you can get creative with the outdoors, a great place to make something that is well and truly ‘you’. For some top tips on how to make a garden your own personal beauty spot, check out Spalding’s great advice on garden types.

Spalding have been experts in gardening for over 65 years, so they know their way around the dream creations of green fingered gardeners.  They have various suggestions for many different types of garden, including Japanese themed gardens, urban gardens or balcony gardens. The list goes on.

For example, Spalding have plenty of advice on garden care for your balcony or patio, also recommending different kinds of plants that are most suited to north, east, west or south facing patios or balconies. Even without a grassy lawn a beautiful garden can still be yours when you have expert advice from Spalding.

For the perfect garden to get your children interested in the outdoors we have advice on sensory gardens for kids. We can recommend the right flower bulbs to get for a garden to touch (tulips and snowdrops), smell (lavender and lemon balm) or taste (chives and lovage).

Whatever you want from your garden, Spalding has the know-how and the products to make your garden everything that you’ve ever wanted it to be.

About Spalding Plant & Bulb Company

Spalding Plant and Bulb Company are one of the UK’s most trusted mail order garden catalogue businesses, with a reputation and experience as a garden mail order business which spans over 65 years.

Be reassured with our expert knowledge in getting the very best quality flower bulbs, roses, perennials, seeds, and other garden related products direct to your door, which has made us the market leader in the United Kingdom.

With our long tradition of superior customer service, value for money and plants of the highest quality, you can also be rest assured as we offer up to 5 year quality guarantee on a wide range of our products.

At Spalding Plant and Bulb Company we also take great pride in offering all the very best garden information, seasonal gardening tips and assistance that you need to make the right choices. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or just beginning on your gardening journey, we will help you develop your skills on the road to becoming the expert gardener.

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