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DeveloperVMs joins the CloudZoom Virtual Appliance Marketplace

Industry: Information Technology

DeveloperVMs is now included in the CloudZoom virtual appliance marketplace. The DeveloperVMs project provides pre-built virtual machines for VirtualBox and VMware.

Massachusetts, California, Texas, New York, Florida (PRUnderground) July 3rd, 2012

CloudZoom announces the addition of DeveloperVMs virtual appliances to it’s virtual appliance marketplace.  The CloudZoom marketplace provides a simple, fast, and convenient way to find virtual appliances spanning multiple vendors and hypervisors.  CloudZoom is combining the silos of unique, vendor specific and hypervisor specific catalogs, into a virtual appliance supermarket.

With DeveloperVMs, CloudZoom expands its supported operating systems, adds to the desktop virtual image listings, and grows its VirtualBox and VMware offerings.   DeveloperVMs offers pre-configured, ready to run virtual images, providing developers with a quick and easy way to setup  development and test environments.  The virtual images are created using the latest releases of popular operating systems: Ubuntu, Fedora, SuSE, Mandriva, Linux Mint.  The DeveloperVM’s team is experienced in delivering and supporting their products. They have provided hundreds of downloadable packages, activated thousands of virtual machines, and supported organizations with deployments.
The CloudZoom library has over one thousand (1000+) virtual appliances available today.  CloudZoom provides a user-friendly interface for browsing and filtering the library of appliances.  It is possible to browse or filter by vendor, operating system, software package, or price, helping to quickly find the appliance that meets a user’s needs.  Each virtual appliance summary page includes, but is not limited to, information on price, operating system, installed software, usernames and passwords, and configured memory and disk sizes.
About DeveloperVMs
DeveloperVMs is a joint effort virtual appliance marketplace specializing in virtual appliances for VMware and VirtualBox.  DeveloperVM’s focus is to save individuals and organizations time with the installation and configuration of open source operating systems by providing ready to use pre-configured deployable packages.  More information can be found on, Facebook, and Twitter.

About CloudZoom, LLC

CloudZoom is a startup (founded in 2011) based out of New Hampshire (USA). CloudZoom is a virtual appliance marketplace, providing users with a comprehensive catalog of virtual images for use with VMware, Amazon, Xen, KVM, Parallels and VirtualBox. CloudZoom is a destination for developers and businesses interested in taking advantage of the convenience, efficiency, and cost savings of cloud computing. Find more information on, Facebook, and Twitter.

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