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Detroit, Michigan-Singer-Songwriter-Producer Eric Maverick Herron, (aka EMH) releases LP

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The singer and songwriter known as EMH or Eric Maverick Herron is releasing his first Solo LP "Social Apocalypse." on St.Patricks Day

Detroit, Michigan. North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (PRUnderground) March 5th, 2015

Detroit, Michigan-Singer-Songwriter-Producer Eric Maverick Herron, (aka EMH) former Dirty Bunny frontman releases new cutting edge rock LP “Social Apocalypse”The singer and songwriter known as EMH or Eric Maverick Herron is releasing his first Solo LP “Social Apocalypse.” on St.Patricks DayDetroit, Michigan- March 17th, 2015 –The singer and songwriter known as EMH is releasing his first solo Lp,”SocialApocalypse.” The LP will be published on the independent record label DirtyBunnyMotel Records, and is expected to drop around the world on March 17th, 2015. EMH has released the first video from the new LP titled “Deal with the Devil.” The video is a controversial topic, because EMH plays Jesus, and Lucifer. A daring, bold, fresh new approach to music film. The video is a classic good versus evil, in which the devil tries to get him to sell his soul, and can be seen on Youtube.Asked to name some of his most important music influences, the Detroit music pioneer replied,” I’m the offspring of Elvis, Rob Zombie, Robert Ritchie, Zach De La Rocha, Scott Weiland, and Layne Staley all rolled up into a medical marijuana medicating session! That’s what you’ll hear when you press play! No more hyped up nonsense, just pure music. I wrote this album for a fighting soldier in Afghanistan, who is serving proudly to defend our freedom from impurities, and his name is Captain Bryan Mulaney.

“I got a call one day, I answered, and to my surprise it was an old friend. It was Captain Mulaney, who ironically had given me my first break in the disc jockey business. He mentioned the war he has seen, and was volunteering for another tour.” Said EMH. “He told me of the desire to protect us all from harm, and it brought tears to my eyes knowing someone depended on listening my music so deeply, that his life depended on it! He said. “So I wrote Social Apocalypse in his spirit, to give him courage to continue on fighting for our peace!” EMH continued. “You think we got freedom for free? People for a century have been putting their lives on the line for us! I’m giving something to those heroes, dead or alive! You are still honored in my eyes!” Says Eric Maverick Herron, “By purchasing my album you support freedom, free speech, the right to a peaceful protest, and to live in the greatest country in the world…The United States of America! All glory to our soldiers!”

The album features such hard hitting songs such as Deal with the Devil, Fatal Attraction, SnakeBite, and The Stand, and grooving melodies such as Rock On, Between You and Me, Facing the Demons. the LP takes you on another journey into a controversial song called, ” King of the World.” The song is based on a controversial drug called “Molly” in which the singer talks about the toxic mixture of pleasure and danger.  Next, the title track Social Apocalypse melts your mind, and takes you into a conscious journey of the mind.Then the singer rides off on a horse  who escaped certain glue truck death, his name is GlueFoot. This album sets the standard for creativity, and thinking outside the lines.

Genuineness is a key quality to the sonic experience of EMH.His musical talent and style are fresh and new. His singing style is unseen, and refreshing to the ears.

EMH was born, and grew up in the Detroit Area, he was one of the founding fathers of a style of music you now know as Detroit Dip n Swing Music, an old school feel with a new school twist,big band hip hop swing. He became successful with his group “Dirty Bunny.” The hit EP album titled “Shake that Thing” was a smash success throughout college radio in 2008, and was hand delivered to 320 radio stations nationally by EMH himself, sleeping in his car, and driving around the country alone to 36 states, and four months of living on the road. “The hardest working man in music today!”once said Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac. Multi platinum producer of Tool, System of a Down’s Sylvia Massey said, ” This is some of the best indie music I’ve ever heard!” Jeffery Serra, Beverly Hills drum legend says,”I love it!” Just to name a few.

“My LP is made up of songs that I believed were worthy of this project!” He says .” I felt like every song has it’s rightful place on this album, I wrote every song about some kind of experience I wanted to share with my fans!” Says EMH.

EMH  who writes all of his music, is an producer, singer, actor, comedian, radio host, disc jockey, performer, composer, director, video editor, producer, rapper, male revue performer, and model in addition to his considerable talents in music making, and videos. EMH is a single father, with custody of his daughter Madison, and is a role model for all single dads trying to take care of their children, and live in the entertainment business.

The album “Social Apocalypse” is set for release worldwide release March 17th on iTunes, or can be purchased at www.EricMaverickHerron.com

For more information on Eric Maverick Herron visit his website www.EricMaverickHerron.com

Brandon Burke
Lead Press Release Writer

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