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Designing Your Own Wedding Bands Opens A Maze Of Choices. This Jeweler Can Help

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Wedding ring coach and long-time jeweler helps couples who want unique wedding rings but don't know where to start.

International (PRUnderground) June 19th, 2012

Custom jeweler and life coach guides couples through the maze of choices that are available with custom made wedding bands. With years of ring-making and designing experience  Shining Light Jewelry owner Miche Meizner knows the questions to ask to help prospective ring buyers make informed choices for rings that will match their lifestyles and their budgets.  When a couple designs their own rings, it becomes part of their love story.  The rings and the experience of designing them bear witness to who they are and how they walk in the world together.
On the practical level, matching ring elements such as thickness, width, gem choice with a person’s lifestyle can mean the difference between a ring that will wear well for years or one that will need ongoing repairs or replacement.

“I favor simple, clean designs for wedding bands, mixed with personal elements that reflect the couple’s unique styles.
If you are looking for bling to buy right out of the showcas, I am not the jeweler for you,” states coach/jeweler Miche Meizner.  “If you value quality and simplicity, prefer personal attention and a no pressure shopping experience, we could be a match.”

If your values also include shopping green and doing business with  individuals rather than  large chain stores or corporations you are in luck. Shining Light Jewelry is a small ( think micro) business, woman-owned and -operated running on green energy and recycling and reuse figure prominently.  Whether you are looking for gold rings, silver rings or platinum rings, when made with 100% recycled precious metals, they are all green wedding rings.

Every ring is made to order and gets personal attention whether it’s a standard style or a design of your own. Plan on at least 3 weeks for a custom ring designed from scratch.  For customizing some options with existing ring designs, figure 1-3 weeks for delivery.  You can order some of Shining Light Jewelry’s designs directly online. Most of the time though, plan on having some discussion through email, video chat or phone calls with Miché directly. Conversation and sketches or models where needed are key to keeping the ring buying experience a simple and successful  process.

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Custom designed and handcrafte wedding rings, commitment rings, special occasion and celebration rings.
Specialty is working with customers to create very personal, meaningful rings using 100% recycled gold, platinum, silver.

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