DBM Solar Expands Solar Consultations, Despite Heavy Winter

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Increases in public education on solar power efficiency has led DBM Solar to extend installation services throughout heavy winter season.

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRUnderground) December 15th, 2015

DBM Solar, a leading Utah-based solar system design company, is prepping for a marathon of complimentary consultations. Despite Utah’s recent heavy snow and icy weather, the demand for solar power consultations has increased. Through continued education, homeowners have become savvier of understanding solar’s efficiency, even through winter, and are increasingly aware of solar energy’s true potential.

While DBM Solar has always serviced Utah residents year-round, the recent surge in inquiries has led the company to increase their workforce to support the demand of their solar engineering services. Even during the coldest days in Utah, PV system designs can still power a home. Contrary to the misunderstandings of some, solar is as efficient in winter as it is in summer. Interestingly enough, due to increased power failures from snow storms, residential solar design has more relevance than ever.

Chase Daily, co-founder of DBM Solar, comments on the efficiency of solar design systems during winter. “As we continue to offer complimentary consultations, and the solar industry continues to educate the public, renewable energies will continue to increase in demand.” Mr. Daily continues. “Utah’s cold winter weather is no match for the efficiency of solar systems. Solar design systems work with light, not heat. As public education continues, I expect solar design demand to continue to increase. I believe we’re not too far out from solar power revolutionizing people’s self-efficiency.”

DBM Solar is a solar engineering company led by a team of reliable and highly skilled solar system designers with over 20 years combined photovoltaic experience. In addition to solar installation, DBM Solar offers additional, extensive solar services.

  • Shade Analysis – A preliminary shade modeling that determines if structures or trees are covering the solar system design’s target object.
  • Solar Sketchup – A 3D modeling tool used for solar system designing. It illustrates the position of sun and shadow over the house or any establishment throughout the day.
  • Solar Permit Sets – Includes both residential and commercial solar permitting. This makes sure that the solar system to be installed is of quality standards.
  • Design Conceptuals – Efficient and appropriate designs for solar panel setups.

For homeowners aspiring to utilize solar power, complimentary consultations can be scheduled with DBM Solar by visiting them online at www.dbmsolar.com or by calling 801-690-6517.

About DBM Solar Design and Consulting

DBM Solar design and consulting offers residential and commercial electrical diagrams, engineering services, feasibility studies, and permitting. For those that are ready for quality PV system design and solar proposal services then contact DBM Solar today.

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