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DAWGS Steel Vacant Property Security Solutions Take a Bite Out of Crime in Chicago

Industry: Real Estate

In Chicago, on average, the rate of crime in abandoned buildings and vacant lots is 3 times that of the overall Chicago crime rate.

Chicago, IL (PRUnderground) February 1st, 2015

Any business developer or city planner in Chicago knows, vacant buildings can be a serious issue when it comes to safety. If a vacant building is not properly secured, it is more likely to be broken into.  In Chicago, on average, the rate of crime in abandoned buildings and vacant lots is 3 times that of the overall Chicago crime rate.

The statistics in other cities show similar trends, In Austin, Texas, blocks with unsecured buildings had 3.2 times more drug calls to police, 1.8 times the number of theft calls and double the number of violent calls compared to blocks without vacant properties. Crime is not the only concern, the number of fires that break out in vacant structures each year is staggering, resulting in millions of dollars in property damage.

The longer buildings do not have tenants, the more likely it is that they’ll become a target for crimes like vandalism and theft. Chicago is full of derelict buildings, and many criminals walk the streets feeling like they have the pick of the litter. Many people think they are at the mercy of passersby and luck when determining the likelihood of a break in, but that’s simply not the case.

With a little bit of planning, property owners and managers of job sites, vacant buildings, foreclosures, and renovations can rest easy knowing they won’t have to put up with the vandalism, theft or damage to their property.

Proper Security Measures
Using steel security window covers and door guards on buildings that aren’t lived-in or worked-in yet is the first and probably most efficient way to prevent break-ins, damage, vandalism, and theft. Simply taking the ability to enter a building away will cut down the chances of criminal activity. DAWGS manufactures, installs and maintains steel security window and door covers, which prevents occupancy by unwanted “tenants”.

Get the Job Done Quickly
If you can, try and speed up the process of securing occupants for your properties. If people live or work there, there’s less inclination for squatters to try and sneak in and for criminals to steal work equipment.

Maintain Premises
Do not let the area around the vacant property go unattended. A shoddy lawn simply begs criminal element to take notice. Aside from maintaining the landscaping, it is important to keep the surrounding grounds clean and free of debris. The building should look well taken care of in order to help deter vandalism.

Taking these steps can make your vacant properties and buildings less of a target for crime.  If you are in of need of security for vacant buildings, DAWGS has the products and expertise to safeguard your property in Chicago and the Metro Chicago area.

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DAWGS (Door And Window Guard Systems) is a full service vacant property security company. Our flexible, fast-response teams install and remove DAWGS equipment to ensure that your property is always secure. DAWGS currently has operations in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and will be expanding into other new markets soon.

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