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Landmark Ruling For ‘No Win No Fee’ Model

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The Court of Appeal has failed to be persuaded that a conditional fee arrangement was champertous*, and therefore unlawful in the landmark ruling of Sipthorpe and Morris v London Borough of Southwark [2011] EWCA Civ 25. This case sets an important precedent for probate lawyers and leading probate genealogy firm, Finders, who specialise in identifying… Read more »

Brit Writers’ University Creative Writing Groups Launched

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The first BWA University Creative Writing Group for cross-disciplinary staff was launched this week at Aston University. “Brit Writers’ Awards are thrilled to partner with Aston University in Birmingham who are championing their national Creative Writing Programme for Universities” said Imran Akram, CEO of Brit Writers. This pioneering national initiative promotes creative writing to students… Read more »

1st Phorm Launches Anabolic Bridge

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1st Phorm is proud to announce its newest addition to their ultra premium line of performance based nutritional supplements: Anabolic Bridge. Anabolic Bridge began shipping to their authorized retailers nation wide on Monday February 21st 2011. Anabolic Bridge is an ultra-anabolic muscle protein synthesis activator. Each serving of capsules contains a precise blend of essential… Read more »

Biryukov Academy Releases A FREE Art Lesson On YouTube!

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Always giving back to her community, Elena Zelenina (owner of Biryukov Academy)launched her first FREE video instruction series. Entitled “Self-Love through Self-Portrait”, the lesson allows viewers to teach these concepts to their children. The video can be watched here: Biryukov Academy has been noted in local publications on topics ranging from the benefits of… Read more »