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wicTEK Broadband Introduces Expanded Services To Broadband Customers

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wicTEK has long been known for having a team that provides complete IT support and management solutions for the computers of homes or small business. However, with the TotalCare Plus program that has been implemented, the group takes IT management to the next level. Customers are finding that they receive ongoing monitoring, support, planning and… Read more »

Set Your Brand Dominance Through Actionable Programs Using The Power Of Video And Social Media

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BlankMinds Creative Studio has joined the creative hub of Toronto as a up and coming studio whose mission is to simplify communications in a world that’s over-communicated. The firm, based out of Toronto, ON is a boutique visual communications studio with specific expertise in branding and communications in the form of print, web and video… Read more »

Spencer Burke’s Controversial, Long-Term View of Christianity

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Join Skeptiko host Alex Tsakiris for an interview with the author of, A Heretic’s Guide to Eternity, Spencer Burke. During the interview Mr. Burke is asked about the future of Christianity in light of discoveries regarding the nature of consciousness, “I take a long view of history. So let’s say 10,000 years from now the… Read more »

Finders Probate Genealogist Support Moves To A More Consumer Friendly Legal System

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Finders international probate genealogists today welcomed moves towards a more consumer friendly legal services system. This follows the announcement of a new Legal Ombudsman to give consumers a single point of contact for complaints against lawyers, as well as evidence of growing interest in the establishment of Alternative Business Structures (ABS’s). ABS’s, established by barristers… Read more »

Finders Genealogists Welcome The Tell Us Once Project Announced In The Comprehensive Spending Review

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Finders genealogists have welcomed the Government’s commitment to the ‘Tell Us Once’ project an initiative which will enable people to inform the Government of births and deaths just once, rather than having to inform each public body that needs to know separately. The Government announced its commitment to the ‘Tell Us Once’ project as part… Read more »