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Smutlife Launches New Website And Online Store

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Smutlife, the online portal that explores underground culture, has launched a new website and online store for its legions of followers that are interested in raw, unabashed and unedited coverage of everything from hardcore and hip hop music to ink communities, extreme sports, sex and porn. Smutlife Magazine, as the name implies, provides a voyeuristic… Read more »

The New Celebrity-Endorsed Cure For Frozen Shoulder: The Niel-Asher Technique

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While some methods of surgery, physical therapy and a copious intake of various drugs have worked in relatively rare cases; they have been ineffective in the majority of cases, and usually provided only temporary relief. The Niel-Asher technique is revolutionary in its simple approach: without resorting to drugs or invasive procedures, this is a form… Read more »

Free Breast Exercises To Help Prevent Sagging

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There comes a time in every girls life where gravity starts to take effect and your boobs start to drop a little. It may be after childbirth, putting on a little weight or just the normal weight fluctuations that happen to us all. It is possible to help prevent sagging by keeping fit and performing… Read more »

Chocolate By Any Other Name Tastes As Sweet

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London, April 2010 – “Chocolate these days are available in a great many sizes and shapes. If you have the imagination, there is someone out there to make your gift a reality”, says chocolatier Zeba Ahmed, who makes her own chocolates out of her workshop in Hammersmith. So what have been the strangest requests that… Read more »