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Danbury CT Urgent Care Medical Clinic Goes Online To Better Serve Community

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Doctors Express an urgent care medical clinic in Danbury, CT Uses the Internet to Improve Doctor-Patient Relations

Danbury, CT (PRUnderground) March 25th, 2013

Doctors Express of Danbury which is opening to the public this Saturday March 23, will be employing new ways of patient doctor communications and reaching out to the community in innovative and interactive ways.

Tom Kelly, managing partner of Doctors Express of Danbury says “The way that healthcare is being delivered today is changing. Its’ ability to reach out to you is easier than ever before and important to strive for, so that the services you receive are efficient, portable and most of all effective. We want to encourage interaction and connection with our health care providers.”

Medical Director Thomas Brown MD agrees.  “If you are engaged with your healthcare providers, trust is formed and then a relationship. And that’s how you stay current and connected. We want there to be a real back and forth with our patients”.

That being said, advances in apps and online awareness are opening the door to all kinds of possibilities for doctors and healthcare providers these days, and you will see them being applied at Doctors Express.  Awareness is key.  Quick, targeted service and information is what people are hungry for, what they’ve become used to and what an Urgent Care center should be delivering. You’ll be seeing upgraded services such as

  • Real time community health alerts, such as flu warnings, communicated  to the community via email, e newsletters, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Healthcare Education, available services, and informational video’s on their Youtube channel and website, so that patients can not only get to know the medical director but can get comfortable with him as well prior to meeting him, a meet and greet with the staff and more relevant video’s, which will unroll over the coming year.
  • Specialized service education on services like camp physicals, blood pressure screenings, flu shots, and more, again, brought to you via online newsletters, email blasts, Facebook and Twitter.  Educating you on the proper protocols for these type of visits to ensure you are aware and making the best decisions for yourself and your loved ones.
  • On-line Check-in  to help you cut down further on your visit time.  10 minutes or more can be spent on paperwork related to registration.  Doctors Express has a goal of getting you in and out in 45 minutes and this can reduce that time even further.  Even if you do not need to see a doctor immediately, taking the time to register will keep you in the system and reduce time on your next visit.

Both Kelly and Dr. Brown are excited to be exploring how these online ways of communicating will improve not just the efficiency of their urgent care center, but intensify their relationships with the community as a whole.

“The intention is not to replace personal interaction,” says Kelly, “Quite the contrary. We are hoping to break down barriers and enhance the doctor-patient experience in ways not seen before while bringing significant efficiency and accessibility to the process.”

About Doctors Express of Danbury

Founded by an emergency room physician seeking a more efficient, affordable and personable system for urgent care patients, AFC/ Doctors Express walk-in medical centers are sweeping the country as the nation’s largest urgent care franchise. AFC/Doctors Express provides state-of-the-art treatment for acute illness, trauma (including minor surgical procedures) and has on-site laboratory and digital x-ray service as well as medication dispensing. Pre-employment physicals, drug screening and treatment of work related injuries are also available to local employers. In 2013, American Family Care acquired Doctors Express, further expanding its reach and available services. By the end of 2013, AFC/DRX will operate more than 140 facilities in 26 states, providing care to more than a million patients. For more information visit

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