Crowdnetic’s Q2 Report: the Industry Continues to Grow

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Crowdnetic’s second quarterly data analysis report for 2015 illustrates the steady climb of the crowdfunded-securities market.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) July 15th, 2015

Crowdnetic, a leading provider of technology and market data solutions to the crowdfunded-equities and marketplace-lending industries, today releases its data analysis report on private companies publicly raising capital through crowdfunded securities for the second quarter of 2015. As previous reports have shown, this most recent report reveals the continued development of the industry. Although the report shows that the number of new offerings has increased by 4.8%, a slower rate than previously seen, the amount of capital committed to these types of offerings has increased by 17.8%, showing that investor enthusiasm has not abated.

From the data captured through CrowdWatch, Crowdnetic’s centralized platform for the identification and statistical analysis of private offerings of online securities, there has been approximately $765.15 million in recorded capital commitments made to this rising asset class since the regulations for Title II of the JOBS Act came into effect. These new regulations, effective September of 2013, have allowed for general solicitation and general advertising in the offer and sale of private securities. During this time, CrowdWatch has aggregated and normalized data from 5,878 506(c) offerings. Crowdnetic’s quarterly reports contain snapshots of the industry along with insightful graphs showing the activity of offerings by sector, region, security type and capital structure.

“As the investing public’s confidence in the crowdfunded-securities market grows, we are thrilled to be providing the data technology to analyze and compare offerings,” says Luan Cox, CEO and Co-founder of Crowdnetic.  “While the crowdfinance ecosystem expands, Crowdnetic looks forward to working with the platforms to bring greater transparency to consumers.”

The latest report indicates that the Services and Technology Sectors, once again, take the lead overall in terms of number of offerings. However, it is worth noting that the Financial Sector surpasses all other sectors in terms of total recorded capital commitments. This is largely due to the inherent nature and capital requirements of many companies within that sector as well as the inclusion of the Real Estate Development and Real Estate Investment industries, which have consistently proven to garner much popularity in the crowdfunded-securities market.

Following a tremendous year for the crowdfinance industry in 2014, the first two quarters of this year have shown the continued growth of crowdfunded-securities offerings. Now, in addition to Title II, the rules for Title IV of the JOBS Act became effective this past June 19. These new rules expand the options for private companies to raise capital through crowdfunded-securities offerings. One of the most game-changing aspects of these rules is that companies will be able to offer and sell securities to non-accredited as well as accredited investors.

Crowdnetic’s proprietary data platform, CrowdWatch, and its private offerings content suite on MarketWatch, include data from seventeen leading real estate, debt and equity crowdfunding platforms.

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Download Q2 Report: Period Ending June 30, 2015.

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