Couél Proves That Small Business Can Compete in a Global Holiday Market

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Wine Company’s “Family Feel” In Competitive Market Adds To Advantage, Proving a Simple Wine Opener Can Break Into The Behemoth Accessories Industry.

Palouse, Washington (PRUnderground) December 3rd, 2014

There’s no doubting that the wine industry is a global behemoth with huge companies dominating the landscape – but what about smaller, family-owned businesses?

One such business is Washington State-based Couél, a company recently founded to create, manufacture and sell fun and functional wine accessories that any serious oenophile would be proud to have in their collection.

“The wine industry is huge,” said Grant Presol, co-founder of Couél. “But somehow it keeps a family feel to it.”

The Presols started the company thanks to their own love of wine, and a desire to make it a part of their life by starting their own business in the wine industry: thus Couél was born.

The family feel of the wine industry has doubtless been heightened by the intimacy that a glass of wine offers millions: a chance to savour a glass is often shared with friends and family, either at the end of a long day at work or at celebrations and parties.

The company’s first product, a 4 In 1 wine opener, has already proved a hit with customers on Amazon, who praise it for its multi-functionality and fun design, which incorporates a corkscrew, wine spout, wine stopper and two foil cutters.

“The learning curve has been steep,” laughs Jamie Presol, wife of Grant and the other co-founder of Couél. “But we’re talking about opening a bottle of wine – so it’s a wonderful industry to be a part of.”

About Couél

Couél is a small, family-owned business that celebrates all things wine, from sharing a bottle with friends and family to trying out fun new wine accessories. Located in Washington State, nearby to the home of the famous Walla Walla wine, the company sells wine accessories that are functional, yet fun.

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