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Cornwall Hotel, Camelot Castle- A profile of owner John Mappin

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Read all about what drew John Mappin to Camelot Castle Hotel, and what inspires him to succeed. A truly compelling man with big dreams.

Cornwall, UK (PRUnderground) November 8th, 2013

John Mappin bought a lifetime dream when he embarked on buying the old castle that today stands proudly as the Camelot Castle Hotel in Tintagel, Cornwall. He bought the venture with his business partner Ted Stourton, but they did not only buy an old castle in the charming and mystical region of Cornwall- they he bought a lifetime dream. Being a lover of myths and legends and using the backgound in film-making that John possess, it was fitting for him to use his vision to transform the old hotel that sits overlooking the legendary birthplace of King Arthur and bring the magical history back to life.

In fulfilment of his dream to make the Camelot Castle Hotel an international centre for creativity and art, Mappin and Stourton- an artist in his own right- established an Artists in Residence programme. The programme allows aspiring and established artists alike to come stay in the hotel for free, enabling them to focus on their works, whether it be painting, music, or any other form of artistic expression.

A brief background of John Mappin tells a story of a young man with true aspirations to succeed in life. He was schooled in Winchester College 1979 – 1983 and was born into a jewellery and silver family who served the Royal Houses of England and Europe. He spent some time working in the stockbroking business before travelling to Hollywood in the United States of America to work in the film industry where he specialised in distribution. As Mappin’s career within film progressed he found himself setting up a company that sold story rights to producers of documentaries as well as films. In September of 2001 he married his now wife, Irina, in Kazakhstan where Irina is originally from.

Currently, along with being a devoted co-owner to the Camelot castle hotel, John also owns a newspaper group in London that publishes a number of local newspapers.

A strong passion that John possesses is that of one day establishing a chain of mythological hotels around the world, offering superior service while spreading a message of tranquillity and hope.

About Camelot Castle Hotel

Here at Camelot Castle we offer an unmistakable setting over the Cornish coastline steeped in history and beauty. We are a perfect location for a romantic break as well as being a dog and pet friendly hotel too. A place of natural beauty and relaxation that is sure to bring that added extra to any vacation.

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