Cool and Innovative Gadget for a Man’s Shower: One Soap on Kickstarter

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One Soap - a cool invention on Kickstarter - simplifies your life. Compact, perfect for hand luggage, shelf-independent, slip resistant and spill-proof. Makes you smile.

London, UK (PRUnderground) January 6th, 2015

No one enjoys picking up fallen shampoo bottles from the floor, throwing them away at airport security (due to liquid regulations), cleaning up bags after spills or looking for free space in a bath cramped with a myriad of cosmetic products.

One Soap is up for crowdfunding on Kickstarter. A cool little invention, which makes those issues a thing of the past. The product is compact, extremely portable (plane carry-on compatible), shelf-independent, slip resistant and spill-proof. Those, who could try it out, say they are amazed by how much better it is in comparison to conventional products and that a grin is practically unavoidable. The advantages become most obvious when you travel, do sports, or in fact, encounter any non-standard shower situation.

A twist-up enclosure with a suction-cup lid accommodates a black luxury solid wash, which was designed to provide the best care for both hair and body. It’s ingredients are all plant-based. High amounts of glycerin make sure that hair and skin are moisturized and a conditioner is not needed. All in all a hassle-free premium, and natural washing experience.

The inventors, two fresh-out-of-the-uni German MD and pharmacist came up with the idea, in an attempt to go back to the roots and switch to bar soap. In contrast to liquids, it is natural, but using it turned out to be very impractical. This eventually lead to the development of One Soap.

The product can now be found on Kickstarter, where it is presented in the form of an entertaining and informative video. The campaign is running until the 25th of January. Pledging support ensures the fastest way to market for One Soap. The backers will be among the first to receive and experience this product.

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About One Soap Ltd.

One Soap Ltd. has developed an innovative personal care product for men called One Soap and is currently launching it on Kickstarter.

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