ContentVia Teams up with Columbus Idea Foundry to Highlight Franklinton Businesses in the First TEDx

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A once a run down part of town played host to runners on a mission to experience the startup lifestyle in Columbus’ Franklinton neighborhood.

Columbus, OH (PRUnderground) November 18th, 2014

A once a run down part of town played host to runners on a mission to experience the startup lifestyle in Columbus’ Franklinton neighborhood.  On the morning of November 7th, 2014, six teams hopped in their Car2Go’s and raced to six destinations in Franklinton where they had to quickly perform a task before racing to the next location.  The competition was real, the prizes were funny, and the highlight reel of the event was shown during that day’s TEDxColumbus event.  ContentVia’s video production team assisted in filming and editing the footage that was shown to the  standing room only crowd of 900+ people at Columbus’ Riffe Center.

The 6 stage scavenger hunt was the brainchild of Columbus Idea Foundry’s Alex Bandar (Founder) and Casey McCarty (COO).  TEDx challenged CIF to develop a scavenger hunt that would engage local businesses.  Competitors were challenged on 6 areas of the startup-lifestyle, such as making a PBJ and slamming it down, then faking some sleep for a selfie on the table, demonstrating cheap meals and little sleep.

Destinations for the scavenger hunt were the Franklinton Development Association, Columbus Idea Foundry, 400 W. Rich, Strongwater, Glass Axis, and Orange Barrel Media.  Each business was involved in the challenge and teams competed in a variety of tasks that included drones, glass making, drawing, and speed eating.

ContentVia worked with teams at the new Orange Barrel Media HQ, Franklinton’s first contribution to Columbus’ skyline (and with continued innovation it will not be the last).  Teams at the Orange Barrel site were challenged to create a tagline, pitch, or logo for several new ‘Internet of Things’ products, such as the fictional iCrock.

The entire event was captured by teams from Infinite Impact and ContentVia.  The footage was produced in less than two hours with each company contributing video talent to quickly turn around the highlight reel for an afternoon.  To learn more about the TEDxColumbus conference, visit http://tedxcolumbus[dot]com.

Companies and groups interested in having a Scavenger Hunt powered by Columbus Idea Foundry should email info@columbusideafoundry[dot]com.

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