Commsignia demonstrates next-generation V2X autonomous car technology in Silicon Valley

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Commsignia is working together with multiple strategic partners to develop the future of self-driving vehicles with vehicle-to-vehicle communications technology.

San Jose (PRUnderground) February 17th, 2016

Commsignia is working together with multiple strategic partners to demonstrate the future of self-driving vehicles with vehicle-to-vehicle communications technology. The first milestone of the cooperation was presented at the V2X & NAIAS Debrief event organized by the Autotech Council.

During the live vehicle demo, Commsignia Hybrid V2X/ADAS Safety Applications powered two vehicles showcasing Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Electronic Emergency Brake Light (EEBL) and Stationary Vehicle Warning (SVW).

Vehicle-To-Everything (V2X) communication technology connects vehicles with each other and the smart city infrastructure in order to save lives and make traffic more efficient. By sharing safety and vision data, the newly developed technology enables self-driving cars to see around the corner improving the collective safety and reliability of autonomous vehicles on the road. Red light violators, emergency brakes and stopped vehicles are discovered miles away to avoid mass collision accidents.

“Up until now ordinary and even self-driving cars were just independent building blocks on the road with no collective intelligence, this changes with V2X” said Jozsef Kovacs, Chief Executive Officer of Commsignia who spoke at the event. “We are able to make cooperative decisions based on the collective vision of multiple vehicles, making V2X a key component for autonomous driving. Companies in the Silicon Valley are the key driving force for the self-driving car technology globally, therefore, local presence, participating in such industry events, building strategic partnerships with Tier-1s and OEMs here is of key importance for us.”

Commsignia continues to develop Hybrid V2X/ADAS solutions with its partners to bring cooperative self-driving cars to the streets of Silicon Valley still in 2016.

About Commsignia

Commsignia specializes in Connected Car / V2X hardware and software solutions to ADAS systems with a mission to increase traffic safety and efficiency on the road. Dedicated to the research and development of car connectivity systems for innovative car makers, the company aims to create the world’s first connectivity platform that integrates Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) applications with everyday technologies from tablets and phones to smart homes. The product line of Commsignia includes a V2X Communication Software Stack, Safety Applications, a V2X Simulator, On Board Units (OBU) and Roadside Units (RSU), all developed with flexibility, reliability and security in mind. The hardware- and platform-agnostic solutions compatible with multiple Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) make Commsignia the most dynamic and rapidly growing V2X provider on the market.

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