Comedy Central is Dead!

Industry: Entertainment plans to bury standup, sitcom and late night comedy using new social media approach.

New York, New York (PRUnderground) July 27th, 2011 is a new website founded by a twenty-six year old entrepreneur named Mo-Rey. Mo-Rey developed the website as a way for a younger generation to share funny clips, postings, and related material solely through the utilization of social media. Currently old multi-media avenues, such as broadcast channels like Comedy Central, are inundated with reruns of cancelled sitcoms and stale political talk shows. plans to revive the dying art of comedy for the current generation. Through polling, Mo-Rey discovered ninety nine percent of twenty-something year olds don’t watch the news but will spend countless hours online watching funny shared viral material through their friends. The polls also revealed this younger, more edgy generation doesn’t watch Saturday Night Live or Two and a Half Man vs. an older generation of comedy lovers. has been created to bury comedy’s sitcom, standup and Late Night past while introducing its future. The website’s sole purpose is to deliver content through a medium used by a younger generation on a daily, if not hourly, basis. What sets the website apart is the interaction between the website and its youthful, targeted demographic. Visitors to are encouraged to submit content to the website. Socialdy’s team of Funny Posters will post the best material daily! Visitors to the website are also encouraged to express themselves using today’s social media vocabulary, such “LOL”, “WTF”, “OMG” and SMH.’s name is a combination of the words “comedy” and “social”, reflecting the two purposes the funny website serves. “I think of as Reddit meets the Huffington Post for comedy within the social media realm. What makes the website different is the platform. The website is not just leaning left or right because we will lampoon the president’s Air Force One sized ears or Sarah Palin as a blonde wearing a brunette’s wig.” said Co-founder Mo-Rey. “We created it to be an impartial, funny leaning website! We are laughing at everyone and anyone that says, or does, something funny on Social Media!” is slated to become a permanent brand for the social generation’s comedy needs. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert may be television legends within their Political genre, but they aren’t current for today’s generation. is intended to make today’s youth laugh by delivering short, clever and edgy comedy exclusively in a web 2.0 manner.


Founded in 2010, is a social comedy website which aggregates the funniest videos, pictures, Tweets and posts from around the Social Web. Visitors to the website can submit funny “stuff” from around the Social web. The website’s team of Funny Posters will post the funniest submissions to the site daily!


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