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Comedian Michael Connell shares secret to happiness for World Vision

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Comedian Michael Connell has partnered with World Vision Australia to produce a free online stand-up comedy special about consumerism, charity and what makes us happy.

Melbourne, Australia (PRUnderground) October 19th, 2013

Aid and development organisation World Vision Australia have partnered with comedian Michael Connell and come up with a novel fundraising method; selling the secret to happiness.

“World Vision asked me to help them raise awareness of their work,” explains Connell, “and studies consistently show that get more joy from helping worthy causes than buying physical possessions. So I thought maybe I could do something to help them spread that message.”

This message of “money can’t buy happiness” is expressed by Connell in the form of a short stand-up comedy special being released online. “It’s an idea most people would be familiar with, what’s new is saying it through stand-up” says Connell.

“I spent a year developing this routine and then we filmed it so people can watch it at thefirstworldblues.com.” Connell explains, “The idea is people will have a laugh, learn that the secret to happiness isn’t buying more stuff, and then donate to World Vision.”

Although very funny, the routine also touches on a lot of big issues. “I talk about consumerism, fair trade, child slavery – not your usual stand-up topics,” laughs Connell. “To make it even weirder I also throw in a bit of blues harmonica!”

While comedians often perform at charity functions, this initiative is unique in that World Vision actually helped Connell write his routine. “We worked really closely,” says Connell, “I made sure it was funny, they made sure it touched on the big issues and I got all my facts straight – I don’t know of any other comedians who have developed routines with a charity like this.”

Anyone interested in learning the secret to happiness is encouraged to watch Connell’s routine at http://www.thefirstworldblues.com.

About Michael Connell

Michael is an Australian stand up comedian. He regularly performs in the best comedy clubs in Australia, entertains at corporate events, and gives motivational talks at high schools and universities.

He has released two comedy albums, has appeared many times on Australian TV (including Australia’s Got Talent), and written for several major newspapers and other publications.

When not performing comedy, Michael likes to play the harmonica… badly…

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