Columbus Racer Jeff Bowen Launches New Line Of Natural Car Care Products

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Announcing a new monster cleaning car care product line that will knock out the filth without the environmental guilt!

Columbus, OH (PRUnderground) October 31st, 2014

Today, Rougaroo (pronounced Row-Guh-Roo) is proud to announce an eco-friendly line of car care products. Rougaroo offers car enthusiasts a new line of car wash and wax products made without the environmentally harmful chemicals.  Rougaroo is made in the mid-west and will be bottled in Columbus, Ohio.

Take a look at the “Other Guys” ingredients and you will see a long list of nasty, harmful chemicals! In an auto-industry saturated with old world car cleaners and waxes, Rougaroo is doing things differently. Rougaroo isn’t just some car cleaning product company for eco-warriors –  Rougaroo is for the serious car enthusiast. Rougaroo car care products are tough on dirt while protecting your daily driver, weekend dream car, or classic ride.  Additionally, Rougaroo’s non-toxic formula can be used with boats, RVs, and off-road vehicles. Rougaroo’s natural cleaning formula exceeds traditional car cleaning product results, while providing you with the ultimate show room look.

When asked about how he came up with Rougaroo, Founder Jeff Bowen stated, “After years of cleaning my own cars, I would always notice that my grass would die a few days later. It wasn’t long before I put 2 and 2 together to see that it was the chemicals in my current cleaning products that were killing it. It got me thinking about what else can be harmed by them as well. After extensive research, I found that most washes and other products cannot even be sold in European countries because of the harmful chemicals. I also learned, over time, they can fade the clear-coat on your car as well. I wanted to develop a line of products that were not only safe on your car and the environment, but a line that also gives a World Class clean!”

The Rougaroo product line-up includes a Wash & Wax, a Dash & Surface Cleaner, and a Wheel & Tire Cleaner.  Rougaroo is a Columbus-based startup developing car care products that work without hurting the environment.

What is a Rougaroo? A Rougarou is an ancient werewolf from Cajun folklore that lurks in the night. It was meant to be a cautionary tale to young children who didnt behave. said Bowen, regarding the inspiration for his new brand.  In that same tradition, we bring the monster out in our Rougaroo products to provide car buffs with the ultimate car care wash & wax product. The cautionary tale here is the environment, and how were helping is by putting out a product that leaves zero impact, but still gives you the ultimate shine.

For car enthusiasts and gearheads, Rougaroo products will be available November 4, 2014, for purchase online at  Press and media interested in scheduling an interview or sampling the product are encouraged to contact Rougaroo’s media contact: Todd LeVeque,


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