Collaborative Commonwealth, a Blueprint for Real Change

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In Collaborative Commonwealth, Robert A. Needham, JD takes a bold fresh look at individual, business and public governance and teaches how to stop being an economic slave

Birmingham, Alabama (PRUnderground) November 10th, 2014

Collaborative Commonwealth, written by Robert A. Needham, an economist and speaker last year at The Future of Money and Technology Summit in San Francisco, is inspiring people across the country to start a movement. As seen by our recent election, people are fed up with the current situation with regard to how our country is governed and financially controlled. In Collaborative Commonwealth, Robert addresses the current problems and presents viable solutions in the areas of economics, governance and individual.

In Collaborative Commonwealth, Needham details an incredible system based on Collaboration, which is quite different from Capitalism or Socialism. Collaboration is circularly integrated, each person is rewarded pro-rata according to the value of time, talent, and treasure exchanged or invested in a project. To put it simply, in this system people get exactly what they put out. Why should people work as financial slaves, being told what they are worth, when technology has evolved to the point to where they can collaborate on projects and get paid according to their contribution.

Collaborative Commonwealth also takes a bold fresh look at individual, business and public governance. It envisions a reformed and restored republic back to the hands of “we the people.” It replaces the outdated, tyrannical, democratic, and federal form of governance and reforms and restores America back to the vision of our founders. Furthermore, the book is not just a philosophical approach, it gives practical applications that people can actually follow.

In Collaboration, Individuals serve to fulfill their purpose, not work a job for a paycheck. It is not a dog-eat-dog, competitive environment where power is the means of success; it is a recognition based environment where the goal is TEAM over me.

Dr. Needham is a business advisor, consultant, coach, visionary, economic and social theorist, author, public speaker, innovator, scientist, and thought leader in the collaborative and cooperative movements. Dr. Needham has appeared on numerous television and radio stations as well as featured in several newspaper, internet and industry magazine articles.

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About Collaborative Commonwealth

Collaborative Commonwealth is a book that details reformation of US Economics and Governance. Collaborative Commonwealth is about restoring governance and servant leadership through open versus closed systems. Dr. Needham believes in making a profit, and that this profit be shared pro-rata with collaborators on a project.

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