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Co-Author Ana Lucia Novak Announces the Release of Success in High Heels Book

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Today’s brightest stars in women’s leadership roles and co-authors announce the release of their woman’s guide self-help book,Success in High Heels.

USA (PRUnderground) April 8th, 2013

Success in High Heels, compiled by Christine Marmoy offers great ideas and sound advice from today’s most accomplished women business owners, combining traditional advice, transformational ideas to embrace beauty, brains, wisdom and practices, this 30-day feast to success will help all women reach that place they call success.

Empowering all women with their essays each a lesson, 30 lessons in all that will help women realize that they can pursue their dreams. Today’s most accomplished women cover topics from dressing for success, taking the t out of can’t, transforming your hobby into a way of life, branding with beauty and more.

There is no better teacher than your own business. Yet there is nothing more challenging, humbling and nerve-racking than being your own Boss! 30 amazing and successful women have gathered together to help you remove the stress and overwhelm from this picture. You need to master the ‘how’ in order to thrive in business while still being able to have a life and the time to live it. Each of these women has a powerful lesson to share with you, so you can achieve the success you so deeply desire in next to no time.

Ana Lucia Novak of San Francisco, California is one of the contributing authors. Ana Lucia is most passionate about social media marketing and establishing strategies for small businesses, especially women business owners. Her chapter covers why businesses need Twitter and how to use it as an extension of their brand. Ana Lucia’s title,”A Whole New World—Learn why you need Twitter” covers practical details on how to optimize your Twitter profile, leverage directories and proper use of hashtags, as well as using Twitter as a communication channel to foster relationships with clients and prospects.

Christine Marmoy who compiled Success in High Heels handpicked the 30 women authors to tell their story. Patty Farmer, CEO of BizLinkGlobal and one of the co-authors, introduced Ana Lucia to Christine when she was looking for an author to write the chapter on Twitter. After an energy filled SKYPE session, Ana Lucia agreed to participate and write the chapter on Twitter for Success in High Heels.

Ana Lucia Novak is the founder of Novak Media Group and SocialAna Social Media Marketing Services.  Known as a social media strategist, technical trainer, and speaker, Ana Lucia offers Do It Yourself, Do It With You, and Do It As You social media programs for small businesses and start-ups.

Success in {High} Heels is the true testimony to what women can achieve when they understand that being a woman is her greatest asset in life and in business.

All Authors in Chapter Order

Sue Donnelly * Bunny Star * Kelly Falardeau * Anna D. Garrett * Angelika Christie * Dorothy-Inez Del Tufo * Noni Boon * Lillian Ogbogoh * Angelas Raspass * Lisa Rehurek * Shawn Driscoll * Aime Hutton * Jasmin Christensen * Toni  Coleman Brown * Monique Alamedine * Kim Boudreau Smith * Catrice M. Jackson * Nancy Meadows * Miki Strong * Patty Farmer * Ava Diamond * Lisa Rothstein * Margo DeGange * Kathleen Hanagan * Kuumba Nia * Ana Lucia Novak * Kat Mikic * Katrin Faensen * Terry Wildermann * Christine Marmoy

Success in High Heels compiled by Christine Marmoy

Publisher: Marketing for Coach, Ltd

Self-Help Paperback, USD 18.95, GBP 14.00, CAD 19.50, EUR 16.00, AUD 19.00

ISBN: 978-0-9575561-0-2

Available on Amazon on April 8, 2013

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