Clever PR Tip: Frame and hang your press release from a major news site to extend the value of your PR efforts (and impress clients)

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It can be quite difficult to get your business written about in the press, but when you do, be sure you are extending the life of that coverage by printing it, framing it for your reception area, linking to it through your website, and distributing it to prospective clients. It gives your business public credibility to have been published in a well known publication.

If you have not had that major press coverage yet, you can STILL get the same benefit with your press releases, especially those that are syndicated to online news sites.

For example, when you send a press release through, it gets published on all of these sites including, International Business Times, FOX23 News,,, Restaurant News, and among hundreds of others. Find your release on the site of your choice, turn it into a PDF through a free service like www.htmlpdf.com or, and then print it and frame it to hang in your reception area.

Maybe you own a restaurant and you send a press release. Find your release in Nation’s Restaurant News, convert it to PDF, and print it and frame it.

For example, here is a PDF of the press release for NYC restaurant Blue Planet Grill in Nation’s Restaurant News:

blue planet grill nrn

And here is a PDF of the press release for European Tour Operator Scenic Tours in

scenic tours travelweekly

Simply find your release in the most relevant publication to your business, convert your release to PDF, print it, frame it, and hang it where clients and prospective clients can see it and extend the value and life of your PR efforts.


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