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Clever German Kitchen Storage

Industry: Kitchen Designs

Kitchens these days need to look sleek and modern, which means having enough space for everything to be put away, creating wonderful, spacious, clutter-free worktops.

London (PRUnderground) April 2nd, 2012

Kutchenhaus pride themselves on offering wonderful variety and innovation in terms of their kitchen accessories, without having the design of the kitchen or the customer’s budget compromised. Our German kitchens are affordable and that includes the clever storage solutions and wonderful appliances.

More and more clever units are being introduced every season, to ensure the key elements of usage and storage have been thought through for every type of customer. Kitchens these days need to look sleek and modern, which means having enough space for everything to be put away, creating wonderful, spacious, clutter-free worktops.

For the busy cook to the dinner party hostess, every type of customer and family needs certain things to hand, which must be thought through by the designer when planning any kitchen. Issues like having more space, saving time by having things to hand and reducing stress by not having to reach and bend for those essential items has to be considered. It will always make the customer love their kitchen that bit more if it really does works for them in both usability and looks.

There are many different features that now come at very affordable prices, which were seen as an add-on luxury ten years ago. Like tambour dresser units for example, which feature in almost every one of our kitchen designs, these now always incorporate built-in electrical sockets so that kitchen appliances can be plugged in and wires remain out of view.

Dresser units are also now an integral part of the kitchen, which basically work by sitting on the worktop and go into whatever height wall units have been selected. This type of unit allows you to store small appliances such as a kettle, toaster or mixer whilst leaving them plugged in, so you can simply pull them out onto the worktop to use them, then slide them back into the tambour unit and close the door, thus hiding them completely.

On-trend kitchen accessories

 Fairly new to the market is the Instantaneous boiling water tap, the most popular of which is the Quooker, which is the current favourite at Kutchenhaus. This currently it is quite an expensive investment but more brands are entering the market and I would expect prices to fall as competition has an impact. These taps remove the need for a kettle completely and they are extremely convenient as the boiling water is literally instantaneous, and of course, you are only heating what you need so they are very energy efficient.

Here at Kutchenhaus our clever kitchen designs include built-in televisions into extractors and wall cabinets, as well as built-in radios which are positioned into the underside of a wall unit with the speakers built into the plinth. Customers are requesting these items more and more as the popularity of the open-plan kitchen living space soars and people want to cook, socialise, watch TV or listen to the radio at the same time.

Much more than a kitchen bin!

 I always say to every customer that they must invest in a pull-out waste disposal unit. They utilise the plinth space, which often is wasted, whilst also providing different compartments which allow customers to easily separate waste, making recycling more easier to manage. This is very reasonable in cost and being so great for waste and the environment, it’s an essential storage solution in any kitchen.”



About Kutchenhaus

Kutchenhaus German kitchens are built in Germany by Europe\’s largest kitchen manufacturer and supplied direct to you. By cutting out the middle man we can offer high quality German kitchens at low prices! All our fitted kitchen are solid, pre-built kitchen units – not flat pack, so your kitchen is built to last!

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