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Cleats Without Laces Fantasy Football League Season 2 to draft on August 24th

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Second annual Cleats Without Laces league to draft on Sunday, August 24th.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) August 19th, 2014

Some of the wisest minds in fantasy football will come together for the second annual Cleats Without Laces league on Sunday, August 24th for what will certainly be an intense draft.

The league is made up of 12 participants from the United States and UK, who play for pride and the coveted KW Trophy.

Last year’s winner was the always humble Marc M, a former CSO from Los Angeles, who upon winning last season proclaimed “thanks all.  It was a pleasure kicking [bleep] and taking names all season.” When asked about this season and one particular opponent, he had a few words for his competition. “Y’all will be eliminated again as far as I’m concerned”, stated the gentleman Marc M.

The second season of the Cleats Without Laces league should feature tighter competition, as season one occasionally featured mismanaged teams without starting Quarterbacks and Kickers.

The 2013 final standings were reported as follows:

  1. It’s OK… I’m a CSO
  2. Rockford Frogs
  3. Sausagefest
  4. Forty NiiighNooors
  5. Chili Fries
  6. Berry Smoothies
  7. High and Mighty Muffin Tops
  8. Chachi
  9. HeBenchMe
  10. Corey Bone
  11. Shoot the BOOT
  12. The Sheet

Shoot the BOOT has the first draft pick honors in the 2014 draft, followed by Chachi and the Rockford Frogs.

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