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Choosing the Best Billing Software for Your Business

Industry: Technology

TRACT by Transverse helps businesses build a customized billing platform

USA (PRUnderground) December 17th, 2012

The way customers are buying products and services is evolving from one-off purchases to simple subscriptions to more complex, activity-based models with greater appeal to business and consumers. Your customers want choices. And when it comes to selecting the best billing software for your business, it doesn’t have to be a painful process.

With TRACT Billing, you can adapt your billing plan as customer preferences shift, while optimizing revenue capture and preventing profit loss. Here are a few helpful features that you’ll want in billing software:

  • Subscriptions and recurring revenue: Manage pricing and terms for recurring charges
  • Real-time rating engine: Define rules to calculate charges for activities and usage
  • One-time purchases: Apply a single charge to a customer account
  • Promotions and coupons: Attract new customers, cross-sell, and up-sell
  • Scheduled charges: Break-up a single fee and define payment schedules
  • Price lists: Create specific price lists for resellers, regions, or other customer segments

Unlike basic subscription models, activity-based billing solutions, like TRACT from Transverse, creates a process for measuring, aggregating, analyzing, rating, charging, invoicing, payment processing and reporting on customer engagements in real-time.

With software-as-a-service (SaaS), it is now possible to quickly deploy and pay on-demand for a billing solution that governs subscriptions, devices, services resources and usage, activities, price plans, coupons, entitlements, gift cards, loyalty programs, and highly personalized elements.

To learn how your business can select the best billing software and reap the benefits of activity-based billing, download a copy of our latest whitepaper titled, Boost Consumption and Create New Sources of Revenue with Activity-Based Billing, here.

About Transverse

Transverse was founded in 2008 by billing experts who saw an opportunity to make sophisticated billing capabilities available to more businesses. TRACT Billing from Transverse is the only all-in-one activity-based billing platform that can meter, rate, and bill based on customer behavior. Unlike basic subscription or expensive legacy billing systems, TRACT provides a simple solution to complex billing challenges while empowering companies to engage with customers and rapidly monetize the launch of new products and services. Learn how TRACT can help your business at

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