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Although traditionally smaller than AK Landers marble headstones, cremation stones are every bit as much a fitting reminder of the deceased.

UK (PRUnderground) May 13th, 2013

Although the team here at AK Lander, an expert memorial company which has been established since as long ago as 1866, are best known for their high quality and affordable range of gravestones, we also specialise in a number of other products, including cremation memorials.

AK Lander recognise how important it is for you to honour the memory of your loved ones, whether or not their final resting place is in a churchyard; because of this, our cremation memorial service is every bit as comprehensive and sensitive as all other aspects of our business. From advice to point of sale, you will no doubt find that AK Lander can be relied upon to make the process of choosing an appropriate, lasting tribute to your close friend or family member as straightforward and free of hassle as could be possible.

Although traditionally smaller than our marble headstones, cremation stones are every bit as much a fitting reminder of the deceased, which our diverse and extensive selection reflects. Regulations of what can be placed where do vary from location to location, but the experienced professionals at AK Lander will, of course, be on hand to lead you through any tricky circumstances that may arise throughout your time dealing with us.

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AK Lander have been making memorials since 1866, and we pride ourselves on offering an affordable range of high quality headstones. We offer complete peace of mind and a professional service that is highly valued by our customers, who appreciate our help at a particularly difficult time for them.

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