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Chad Lieberman Instructs the Expertise of an SEO Consultant is Invaluable to Small Businesses!

Industry: Marketing

Rated Top Internet Marketing Consultant in America, Chad Lieberman explains the ROI of SB Online Sales Efforts. Letting 6W leading the marketing with over 200 new clients

Miami, Florida (PRUnderground) February 15th, 2015

If your business has an online element, high ranking on search results pages is vital. Chad Lieberman explains the importance of hiring an SEO consultant and on how such can help small businesses to achieve higher ranking in a competitive market.

No matter what they’re searching for on the Internet, most people will click on the first search results and not take the time to scroll through the twenty search results pages provided. The web pages that rank high on searches and appear on the first and second pages will therefore be the only web pages noticed.

The online market is highly competitive. If a small company wants web users to notice it, it has to ensure that its web pages list in the first or second results pages. Chad Ian Lieberman recommends hiring an SEO consultant to achieve this.

The introduction of the Smartphone has revolutionized Internet marketing. More people are using their Smartphones to get more information about products or services that are close to their locations. Local searches place small local businesses at an advantage and SEO consultants can help you capitalize on this.

SEO consultants are encouraging small businesses to develop mobile friendly websites in response to the increased use of Smartphones to get information. Small businesses can depend on the guidance of a consultant to ensure that they get it right.

Many small businesses operate on a small budget, hence their reluctance to call on the assistance of a consultant when it comes to SEO and Internet marketing. In fact, many small businesses choose to ignore SEO entirely because they believe it is not only expensive but also unnecessary to their success.

Ian Lieberman points out that investing in SEO is similar to investing in your business. The amount of money you will spend on an SEO consultant services will amount to a small fraction of the returns you will get in the end.

This point clearly illustrates in many small businesses today. Lieberman gives the example of a small restaurant that invests in SEO and gets high ranking on search results pages. Out of the 8000 clicks per month, the restaurant only gets 200 online reservations. However, the restaurant makes an average of 50 dollars profit per reservation bringing its profits from online reservations to 10,000 dollars per month. That is much more than you’d pay any SEO consultant making the return on investment worth it.

Now is the time for small businesses to invest more in SEO. The returns are definitely worth it.

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Chad Lieberman is an SEO expert whose company, 6W Search Engine Optimization, offers comprehensive digital marketing services. 6W SEO is quite famous for implementing innovative and bespoke strategies to help clients meet their specific goals and objectives.

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