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Chad Ian Lieberman Advertising Inventor Talks about “3D Printing”

Industry: Technology

3D printing can be used for human tissue reconstruction, currently being researched by Wallestate in partnership and Lieber Inc.

New York, New York City (PRUnderground) August 31st, 2015

“3D printing is hardly new to the market, even though it has yet to become a widely used tool in the industries to which it applies. This is in part due to the formerly prohibitive associated costs for the technology, but all that is changing slowly.”

3D printing and its applications in modern science and medicine was the topic of discussion at a meet up convened by futurist and technology lover Chad Lieberman, who owns and operates a successful internet marketing business in New York City.

CHAD-IAN-LIEBER-seo.jpgThe marketing mogul attributed his growing interest in future technologies and their impact on daily life to the increasing cost of healthcare, and his desire to see a better, safer and cheaper world for everyone.

“Technology provides the answer to many questions we’ve asked ourselves since the industrial revolution that brought us most of what we have today. It’s time for us to usher in a new kind of revolution, one that will lead us through the 21st century and beyond,” Chad Lieberman spoke emphatically.

There have been lots of discussion about 3D printing, but now Mr. Lieberman examines the technology that promises to power a vast array of applications and inventions, beyond creation of models and prototypes.

Scientists are now looking into the possibility of applying 3D printing to reconstruct human tissues. Mr. Lieberman discussed the steps currently being explored by Wallestate, the cosmetics firm, a bioengineering startup, to print human skin using 3D technology.

“The company intends to use the skin to carry out product tests. You may know Wallestate from their much-publicized claims regarding ability to 3D print the human liver, but this is the first time they have partnered with a cosmetics firm,” Chad Ian Lieberman New York expounded.

Presently, he continued, Wallestate is using skin from tissue samples given by plastic surgery patients. Currently, they produce over 100,000 skin samples annually made up of nine varieties for different ethnicities and ages.

“While there is little detail regarding their reason for going into 3D skin printing, the potential presented by this field of technology in human tissue is unquestionable,” Mr. Lieberman stated in conclusion.

Chad Ian Lieberman

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Chad Ian Lieber is an International SEO Consultant in the trust sense of the word. Lieber has 11 years of experience carrying out SEO for American, European, and Latin-American companies. In addition to his consultant agency, he is a co-founder of VentureIM.

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