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Celebrity Journalist Launches New Radio Show, Reba Merrill’s Hollywood, on

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Emmy Award-winning journalist Reba Merrill launches Radio Show on, Reba Merrill's Hollywood, featuring never before heard stories from Hollywood.

Hollywood, CA (PRUnderground) October 17th, 2014

Reba Merrill is an Emmy award-winning journalist and veteran in the entertainment industry with a 30 year working career as an entertainment journalist and celebrity expert. Deciding retirement wasn’t for her, Merrill expanded her expertise on Hollywood as an accomplished author and speaker with the release of her memoir, Nearly Famous: Secrets, Lies and Addictions in 2013. The tell-all book is the story of a 50’s era good girl, destined to be a housewife, who followed her dreams to the result of a successful career in one of the toughest industries in Los Angeles, and how she became one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood. Having traveled the world interviewing nearly a thousand A-list celebrities and movie stars, the book details personal accounts with Hollywood legends and film stars, and is currently available through Amazon in paperback or kindle download.

Over the years, Reba has developed a reputation as an interviewer who never delves into gossip, rather she hones in on drawing out real and intimate moments with celebrities that everyday people can relate to. Her insightful interviews have been syndicated in over 60 countries. She has hosted four talk shows: two in Phoenix (“Reba” and “Good Morning Arizona” on ABC) and two in San Diego (“Sunup San Diego” on CBS and “That’s Life” on Cox Cable, which garnered her an Emmy Award as well as a Cable Ace Nomination).

Reba has built a career by being one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood, giving the studios a new way to promote films before the days of TMZ and Entertainment Tonight. Her interviews have been recently acquired by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, and her work is also being recognized by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce through the release of “The Reba Merrill Collection,” rare interviews with Hollywood stars, on the Official Hollywood Walk of Fame App, which is available for free download on itunes.  

Reba is now gearing up to launch her new radio show, Reba Merrill’s Hollywood, on positive talk radio, The radio show will be available on over 60 distribution channels, including Microsoft Radio Turner. Reba Merril’s Hollywood premieres on November 5th, 2014 at 2pm PST, and airs weekly on Tuesdays at 2pm PST. About the radio show, Reba has said, “Im a talker, if I hadn’t been able to talk and talk and talk, I would never have had a successful career in Hollywood”.

Currently sitting on the leadership council for AIDS Project Los Angeles, Reba is inspired and driven by Hollywood’s successful players who take time to give back to humanity. The show focuses on and features guests who are successful entertainment professionals and, despite having power, money and prestige, take time to give back through philanthropic causes, as well as by paying forward to others help that they have received themselves. Merrill says, “I want to interview people who are not only successful, but who aslo give back. Dedicating ourselves to causes that we connect to, is what makes the hard times worthwhile, and the good times really soar.”

Upcoming Special Guests on Reba Merrill’s Hollywood include: Producer, Tamara Rawitt (In Living Color); TV Personality, Bob Barker (The Price is Right); Director/Producer, Chris Arnold (Trans); Actress Amy Gibson (The Young and the Restless, General Hospital), and Producer, Scott Budnick (The Hangover, The Hangover Part II). 

About Reba Merrill

While interviewing many of Hollywood’s top stars for more than three decades, Reba has made her name as an interviewer who never delves into gossip. Rather, Reba draws out powerful and intimate moments from these very public celebrities. She has hosted four talk shows: two in Phoenix (“Reba” and “Good Morning Arizona” on ABC) and two in San Diego (“Sunup San Diego” on CBS and “That’s Life” on Cox Cable, which garnered her an Emmy Award as well as a Cable Ace Nomination).

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