Offers To Take VW – Audi Diesel Trade-ins

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Dean Cafiero, founder and CEO of says he will take as many Volkswagen and Audi TDI diesel models as he can handle as trade-ins on his existing pre-owned

Norristown, PA (PRUnderground) September 29th, 2015

Local Online Dealership Group Offers To Take VW – Audi Diesel Trade-ins On Its Inventory of Toyota Prius, Honda Civic Hybrids, Smart Cars, Subarus And Every Other Make & Model From Acura to Volvo.

With the revelations about Volkswagen evading Federal EPA emissions regulations on nearly a half million TDI Diesel equipped VW and Audi models, many owners of these vehicles are thinking about selling their vehicles.

Dean Cafiero, founder and CEO of says he will take as many VW and Audi TDI diesel models as he can handle as trade-ins on his existing premium pre-owned inventory ranging from Toyota Prius and Honda Civic Hybrids to Smart Cars and Subarus.

Here’s a Snapshot of the Inventory On A Given Day:
Acura (17), Audi (7), BMW (5), Buick (2), Cadillac (5), Chevrolet (29), Chrysler (5), Dodge (11), Ford (37), GMC (2), Honda (29), Hummer (2), Hyundai (12), Infiniti (15), Jeep (10), Kia (3), Lexus (10), Mazda (9),, Mercedes-Benz (4), Mercury (1), Mitsubishi (3), Nissan (20), Pontiac (1), Ram (1), Smart (1), Subaru (3), Suzuki (1), Toyota (37), Volkswagen (14), Volvo (7)

According to Cafiero, though the scandal engulfing VW is very serious and the emissions of the TDI diesel models in question will have to be fixed, the cars in question still offer significant value his customers.

“From a practical standpoint the VW fix for this problem will likely be a simple software update that brings the emissions into line,” says Cafiero who also runs a major service and auto re-conditioning  operation.

“That will probably result in less impressive fuel economy and maybe some decline in performance. But these VW and Audi models are still very desirable cars.”

For VW and Audi owners who are directly affected by the scandal, the opportunity to just get out of their current car into another vehicle which provides comparable value, amenities and the premium fuel economy and a gentler environmental impact, the trade-in offer is a timely opportunity.

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