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Capital Shift Group Offers Financing Options for All Small Business Owners

Industry: Finance

Capital Shift Group aims to provide small business owners the immediate working capital they need to keep their business strong.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) August 4th, 2014

For small business owners in the United States, getting a traditional business loan from a bank is an arduous and long process. It may take months of endless paperwork and documents before even being approved for a loan. With the current economy, banks have been cutting down on approving businesses for loans even if they are qualified. Without the necessary funding, small businesses are unable to expand or take advantage of new opportunities that may come up.  In order to address this need for immediate capital, Capital Shift Group offers a variety of financing services specifically geared towards new, growing, and established businesses. By providing a broad business support ranging from working capital, flexibility in cash advances, to small business loans, Capital Shift Group is able to identify the best financing options for the small business owner’s specific needs.

The Capital Shift team bases all funding choices through an assessment of the amount of capital requested, financial and business goals, and an overall understanding of the business. The interview process allows the Capital Shift Team to provide individualized and personal solutions to small business owners all over the nation. By assessing more creative and strategic methods to step outside the traditional confines of banking, Capital Shift Group is better able to ensure the small business owners’ success.

In addition, Capital Shift Group is committed to providing customers the highest levels of support and service necessary for success and a stress-free process. In order to further differentiate themselves from the traditional business loan process, the approval and funding process is kept very simple, free, and easy. Avoiding the traditional bank loan approval process will allow business owners to dedicate more time and energy into running their company. Instead of taking months of paperwork, the approval process for Capital Shift Group takes one business day. Since there are no collateral required and no industry restrictions, Capital Shift Group proudly boasts a 90% approval rate and funding in less than seven days.

The team at Capital Shift Group believes that trust is a key element in any relationship. Therefore, they work hard to build their customers’ trust and a professional relationship as a financing company. Capital Shift Group is a trusted business advisor to thousands of businesses already. The success they bring is due to the broad range of effective finance options available for their clients and financial education. By building up a strong relationship with each customer, the Capital Shift team works hard to review the best funding possible, establish flexible repayment schedules, and ensure your business grows with peak financial standing.

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Trust is a key element in any relationship, but is crucial in a business one. You work hard to earn your customers’ trust, and it’s no surprise that you expect a similar relationship in your financing company. At Capital Shift Group, our mission is to be a trusted business advisor to our clients. With over 30 years of combined experience, the Capital Shift Group has been a confidential financial resource to thousands of businesses.

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