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Callus Removal Tips Launches

Industry: Beauty

New website offers comprehensive information, resources for those suffering with calluses

Drouin West, Australia (PRUnderground) November 18th, 2015

The team at Callus Removal Tips is pleased to announce the launch of their website, which acts as an online hub where people from around the world can learn about calluses and how to remove and reduce them.

Calluses can occur on the feet, creating an area of skin that is thickened or hardened. Typically, calluses are due to prolonged exposure to friction. For instance, women who wear high heels can become subject to uncomfortable calluses. The creator of Callus Removal Tips said about her own experiences, “I love wearing high heeled shoes, what woman doesn’t….My calluses got to such a stage where they were so large that they affected the shoes that I wore and my gorgeous summer slingbacks did not do justice to my feet sadly. I had used a foot file and pumice stone for years to keep my heels lovely and smooth, these tools were no longer sufficient.”

Approximately 35 in 1,000 people are estimated to be affected by unsightly, uncomfortable calluses on their feet. In The USA, it is estimated that millions of people struggle with the effects of calluses. Many people, like the creator of Callus Removal Tips, have had to cope with remedying calluses on their own, and many of these people haven’t had much luck.

For people who are looking for a way to get rid of or reduce their calluses, Callus Removal Tips delivers an all-in-one platform for information, articles, resources, and more. According to the Callus Removal Tips team, a good callus remover will do three things: effectively remove calluses in seconds; be cost-effective and durable; and make users feel good about themselves.

Calluses are more common in men than in women, and they can present as a hard growth, a painful spot on the foot that is relieved with rest, or a spot on the foot that is tender in thin soles or high heeled shoes. Improperly sized shoes can also be a culprit of calluses, as well as high arched feet, bony prominence, a short Achilles tendon, or other physical disorders of the feet.

When left untreated, calluses can cause ongoing discomfort that is noticeable after someone has been on their feet for a while. Typically, callus discomfort and pain can be relieved with rest, but calluses can be an inconvenience, especially to those with active lifestyles.

At Callus Removal Tips, people can find in-depth articles regarding the nature of calluses, how to prevent them, and how to remove them. For instance, articles that can be found at Callus Removal Tips include “9 Tips To Choosing The Right Shoes To Stop Calluses”, “Callus On Bottom Of Foot: Why Do They Appear?”, and “7 Reasons Why You Must Use An Electric Callus Remover”. Readers can find general foot care information, as well as dynamic reviews on the industry’s best electric callus removers.

There are several ways to remove calluses, including soaking, scrubbing, and filing, but the Callus Removal Tips team says that electric callus removers are the fastest, easiest way to reduce and remove calluses.

Their team has put together articles and reviews highlighting important topics, such as “Cheapest Callus Shaver: 5 Callus Shavers You Can’t Miss”, “Naturalico Rechargeable Electric Callus Remover”, “Best Electric Callus Removal Review”, and more.

The creator of Callus Removal Tips has a background in beauty consulting and is dedicated to offering women the best information about callus removal, including deep details about the leading electric callus removers on the market.

“I know a lot of you are new to the intriguing world of the best electric callus removers out there, so I thought I’d put together a comprehensive list of information about calluses, callus rasps, the best electric callus removers and why they work so well, the perfect moisturizers to moisturize your feet once they are pretty and smooth again plus a whole lot more. There are many choices out there, and especially in the online marketplace,” said the Callus Removal Tips team.

For women, calluses can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, but electric callus removers offer a fast way to get smooth feet again. Callus Removal Tips will continue to offer updated industry information and reviews on the newest electric callus removers available.

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Callus Removal Tips offers a plethora of advice and resources for calluses and the devices that can be used to remove and reduce them.

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