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Calling Tradesmen who struggle with paperwork – testing, testing… 123…

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UK (PRUnderground) August 23rd, 2012

YourTradeBase are pleased to announce that they are in the final phases before they launch the new YourTradeBase in early September. Currently there is a team of volunteer tradesmen beta testers taking the new YourTradeBase through its paces.

Throughout the next two weeks the beta testers will be giving YourTradeBase feedback on the new YourTradeBase. They will report any problems, glitches, or reviews on new features so YourTradeBase can be ready for launch.

YourTradeBase take all feedback from their beta testers seriously, as the service is a tool that is created by tradesmen for tradesmen. The testing process is in place to ensure that the new YourTradeBase works seamlessly without any faults, so that new and old users can still continue to work, trouble free on their paperwork and jobs.

All those who are helping throughout the two week testing process will receive 6 months free membership of the new YourTradeBase. However if any potential users did not take the opportunity to beta test the new version, they can still receive a 45 day free trial of YourTradeBase when they sign up to the service.

About YourTradeBase

YourTradeBase is a professional tool for tradesmen that takes care of paperwork and job management. Originally set up in 2009 and co founded by a tradesman who was finding it difficult to deal with paperwork, YourTradeBase has dealt with over £2 million worth of invoices being sent out to customers. It truly is a tool created by a tradesman for tradesman.

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About YourTradeBase

YourTradeBase is a professional paperwork and job management tool created by tradesmen for tradesmen. It’s completely online with nothing to download, and users can access their paperwork and job anytime, anywhere from their computers, tablets or smartphones.

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