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BrewJacket, Inc. Builds World’s Smallest Beer Lagering Device

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BrewJacket, Inc. has raised over $90,000 on Kickstarter to build Immersion, a beer lagering device allowing brewers to create lagers without the use of a refrigerator.

Ithaca, NY (PRUnderground) June 5th, 2014

BrewJacket, Inc has built the world’s smallest beer lagering device. Dubbed Immersion, it allows space constrained home and professional beer brewers to create true lager style beers without a traditional refrigerator. Immersion is a solid state cooling device and is capable of taking a fermenting beer down 35º F below ambient in a matter of days, and measures just 8” wide.

BrewJacket, Inc. launched their Kickstarter on April 10th 2014 and as of today has raised $93,831, more than 200% of the asking amount, with the campaign is scheduled to end on Sunday, June 8th. “We couldn’t be more excited” says Aaron Walls, CEO of BrewJacket, Inc., “Lagers have always been the most challenging beer style for home brewers to create since it requires either a dedicated beer refrigerator or a climate cold and stable enough to maintain lagering temperatures. Many brewers convert old refrigerators to lagering chambers, but for many of us space-constrained brewers, that’s simply not possible.”

Immersion is comprised of a cooling engine attached to a microcontroller that maintains a specific temperature set by the user. A hard anodized cooling rod is submerged into the fermenting beer and is attached to the cooling engine that sits on top of the fermenter. When powered on, the cooling engine actively pumps heat out of the fermenting beer via the rod and is dissipated off into the ambient environment.

Immersion allows home brewers to create lagers in places they never before were able, such as in a closet, or in the corner of their living room, or under a table. “It really is a game changer for many brewers” says Walls, “When I lived in Atlanta, GA, my apartment was too hot in the summer to create anything outside of a very small set of beer styles that work well in high heat. Immersion opens up beer styles not before possible for many beer brewers.”

About BrewJacket, Inc.

BrewJacket, Inc. creates high tech beer brewing devices for consumers. Their launch device is called Immersion, which allows space constrained beer brewers to create lager style beers without using a refrigerator. BrewJacket was founded by three graduate students in 2013 at Cornell University, and was a member of the 2013-14 class of eLab, Cornell University’s startup accelerator.

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