Brewing Beans redefines vision document for future approach

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Building on its experience, Brewing Beans Ad network has enhanced its footprint in the industry by diversifying its portfolio.

Bangalore, India (PRUnderground) April 3rd, 2015

Building on its experience, Brewing Beans Ad network has enhanced its footprint in the industry by diversifying its portfolio. The media planning and buying agency offers services in television, radio, print, OOH as well as digital media. The company plans campaigns with custom solutions that are a specific mix of the available mediums.

Extending its philosophy of ‘community management’ the media agency launched its redefined vision for approach in the competitive industry. According to this, the media agency brings its multi-disciplinary approach to its services and focuses on building connections for sustained engagement between brands and people. Commenting on their philosophy, Adithya Mallya, Head – Media Planning of Brewing Beans had this to say, “Digital avenues have transformed the landscape of the industry, redefining the role of media agencies. Brewing Beans realized this at its very inception, and has not been catching up to this new turn, but began at it, and is looking ahead.”

As part of its vision, the agency claims a customized approach based on business workings and needs of each client. The company with this approach balances optimizing message outreach with economic costs, aiming to translate campaign efforts into tangible benefits in terms of the clients’ ROI. Parag Masteh, Head – Media Buying had this to say about this customized approach of the company, “We approach our services as potential business solutions hence we do not depend of generic moulds. Our planning is a specific mix of our inventory, dependent on the message and products of our clients. It is designed to reach specific readers, and build on the existing consumer base. We bring our research capabilities and our own media-sensi technology to the business table to achieve campaign objectives that we set out with.”

Brewing Beans is a Bengaluru based media planning and buying agency that carries a diverse mix of services in media, with television, radio, print, digital media and OOH advertising. TheĀ  agency extends its experiences of operating a digital agency and builds on its philosophy of constructing networks that serve as sustained pathways for communication between clients and consumers. The media agency brings its Media-sensi technology to design specific campaigns that may serve as business solutions.

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The landscape of media is changing rapidly with consumption becoming increasingly
personalised. With it, the role of the media agency to has shifted. Building connections
across and within platforms to facilitate the travel of messages in order to engage clients
and consumers is the role of a media agency in the twenty-first century. We optimise
and economise this service for clients.

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