Breastfeeding Experts Reveal Breastfeeding Diet Plan

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Kids In The House experts have great tips to help you maintain a healthy diet.

Santa Monica, California (PRUnderground) April 26th, 2015

Staying healthy after pregnancy is important, especially if you are breastfeeding your newborn baby. Creating a healthy breastfeeding diet plan will keep both you and your baby healthy. Kids In The House experts have great tips to help you maintain a healthy diet.

While breastfeeding, you may pass on certain foods to your baby. According to Dr. Jay Gordon some types of milk may irritate your child’s digestion. It’s important to stay away from drinking sheep or goat’s milk while breastfeeding.

Creating a diet plan during breastfeeding is also important to help avoid future food allergies. According to Dr. Ronald Ferdman, babies who breastfeed for at least 4-6 months have a lowered chance of developing severe allergies .

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