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The funeral teas available from Oceana Hotels will give you peace of mind during what is a difficult occasion.

Bournemouth and Torquay (PRUnderground) May 23rd, 2012

Organising the funeral of a loved one is never an easy task. There is always a lot to think about and, given what a difficult time it is bound to be anyway, worrying about where to hold any event after the service is not ideal. The three hotels in Dorset and one in Torquay which are run by Oceana Hotels, however, can provide you and your family with a funeral tea that will take much of the stress away from the occasion.

A selection of teas (including herbal teas), coffee, rolls, quiches, cakes, pastries and more are available at all of our hotels, including the elegant surroundings of our flagship Cumberland premises. Here, the spread will cost a reasonable £11.95 per person, which is increased to £15.50 to include a glass of wine upon arrival. Our Suncliff and Cliffeside hotels, also in Bournemouth, offer even better value, being priced at £10.95 or £14.50 with wine.

Away from Bournemouth, the Gleneagles ranks favourably amongst Torquay hotels, and also offers its funeral tea provisions at a standard price of £10.95 per person.

Whilst these are the set options available, our friendly staff members at each of the Oceana Hotels would be more than happy to work to your individual requirements. With private suites, the ability to plan around people arriving at different times throughout the day and serene, attractive surroundings, you will find that our funeral teas will give you some peace of mind on a stressful occasion.

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Oceana Hotels have hotels in Torquay and Bournemouth, and take pride in providing unique, stylish accommodation for visitors. Each of our four hotels enjoy ocean fronted locations and we aim to provide a service that will bring customers back again and again.

For more information, visit our website at www.oceanahotels.co.uk, where you can find details of all our hotels and contact information for each. Alternatively, call us on +44 (0)1202 298350.

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