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Beat the 9% energy price rise with AOS

Industry: Home Energy

AOS Renewables tell their customers how to beat the 9% energy price rise announced earlier this year with Heat Pumps.

UK, Hertfordshire, Essex, North London (PRUnderground) February 28th, 2013

Since the announcement by the major energy companies of an average price increase of 9%, everyone has been asking and talking about the affects that this will have on the average UK family household bill.

AOS Renewables have long known that Heat Pumps are a way for the UK’s households and businesses to avoid the pinch. AOS Have been a family ran business that have amassed over 30 years of experience in providing first class heating, electrical, and plumbing services for their customers. They are one of the prominent suppliers of Heat Pumps in the Hertfordshire, Essex and North London areas, and they know the effect that installing a Heat Pump in a home or business property can have on the bills.

In fact, in comparison to a conventional heating system, a Heat Pump can help save up to 75% on bills. It’s the perfect antidote to the 9% hike in energy prices that were announced by all the major energy firms in early October of this year. Not only this, but Heat Pumps are also an environmentally way to heat a home or property; helping to reduce a property’s overall carbon emissions to zero.

Heat Pumps are also available for significant government grands and funding, under the Green Deal. The Green Deal is the UK Government’s policy set forward to reduce carbon emissions by providing grants and funding to induce the public to take up measures to make their homes more energy efficient. AOS is both able to provide more information to their customers about the grants and funding available, as well as being fully authorised and licensed to install the range of energy technologies, including Heat Pumps, under the scheme.

So beat the 9% energy price rise with AOS Renewables.


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AOS are experts in all central heating systems. With a combined experience of over 30 years, AOS is a family run business. For domestic or business customers, AOS ensure that they deliver the highest quality of standards and technologies to their customers within the Hertfordshire, Essex, and North London area.

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