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Basketball Skill Tracking: 100 Levels of Ball Handling Drills

Industry: Basketball has released an innovation to change the game: A 100-level ball handling eval that will rate a player's handles from zero to 100 in 25 minutes.

McMinnville, OR (PRUnderground) December 7th, 2013 has officially put the basketball world on notice: The inefficient skill assessments of the past are now as outdated as a spam sandwich. The question is, are you using this new tool?

The 100-Level Ball Handling Eval is made up of 10 ball handling drills (nine of which are dribbling drills) that are designed to rate any player’s handles from zero to 100. The first six drills are stationary drills, and the last four drills incorporate a variety of game-like attack moves to the basket. Four of the 10 drills require the use of two basketballs.

Jon “Superhandles” Hildebrandt, the architect of the 100-Level Eval, is widely known for his ball handling skills. Lamar Hurd, a commentator for the Pac-12 Networks, went up against players such as Nate Robinson and Brandon Roy while in college and had this to say about Hildebrandt:

“I can honestly say that Jon’s the best ball handler that I’ve ever seen handle the basketball.”

This Superhandles rating system has been tried and tested since 2004, and with the release of this new eval, players are now able to receive a 100-level rating in only 25 minutes.

According to Hildebrandt, “Back in 2004, my dad challenged me to design an evaluation system that would give any basketball player precise feedback on their strengths and weaknesses, and lead them to a game-ready plan of improvement for their skill level. The result is the Superhandles 100-Level Ball Handling Eval, and this can be used on a regular basis to determine a player’s level and chart their progress. Without a game-like method to monitor progress, a player will never maximize their ability as a basketball player.”

Here are 3 reasons that basketball players of all ages and skill levels should find their ball handling rating:

This eval can be completed in approximately 25 minutes. If a player is serious about their game, they have nothing to lose and handles to gain.
A player can perform this eval every 30 workouts in order to chart their progress and determine their new level. When a player improves, the rating increase can empower him/her to get better.
Once a player has their rating, has game-ready training regimens that have already been customized for their level. Whether the player is a pro who plays in the NBA, or a middle school player, the rigorous Superhandles workout regimens will help maximize their ball handling and shooting skills.

For valuable insights on game-ready basketball training and to gain free access to the 100-Level Ball Handling Eval, go to and claim immediate access. There is no cost.

About Superhandles, Inc.

Jon ”Superhandles” Hildebrandt is the innovator of the Superhandles Advantage training programs that are available at Since 2008, players of all ages and skill levels have utilized his rigorous 100 level skill building system to maximize their ability as basketball players. Over 25 instructional video products are available in both DVD and Streaming format, which enables players from across the world to instantly start Gaining the Superhandles Advantage over their competition. Superhandles, Inc. is headquartered in McMinnville, Oregon.

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