Bariatric Eating Announces 2015 Platform Regarding Bariatric Regain

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Bariatric nutrition retailer, Bariatric Eating, announces a new diet and exercise platform for 2015. The agenda is aimed at helping post-weight loss surgery patients mini

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRUnderground) December 30th, 2014

Bariatric Eating, a retailer of bariatric vitamins and protein, announced their diet and exercise platform for 2015. The post-weight loss surgery column will be directing efforts towards helping those suffering from weight regain after bariatric surgery, commonly known as Bariatric Regain.

Weight loss surgery creates a physical restriction of food and some surgeons’ programs may only initially address the underlying issues that may have been responsible for the obesity. Over a number of years following weight loss surgery patients can revert back to old eating habits or suffer a setback in life that causes them to once again seek comfort in food. In addition, over time the body can adapt so the patient eats larger amounts of food. Even those that closely adhere to relatively healthy eating habits can experience a serious weight regain when life takes an unexpected turn.

Bariatric Eating offers bariatric patients a lifeline with their “Back on Track Plan for Bariatric Regain”. This plan has proven to be successful for thousands of followers. The plan focuses on bariatric appropriate diet, exercise and coping skills for life-long weight control.

Meal replacements have been shown in clinical trials to enhance weight loss. The plan schedules five high-protein, small-volume Inspire bariatric protein drinks to create satiety or satisfaction throughout the day with a full evening meal of lean meat or fish and salad or vegetables. The plan is loosely based on a non-surgical weight loss plan offered by renown Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center.

The plan also addresses the pink elephant of exercise, by coaxing often reluctant bariatric patients to commit to just ten minutes of movement, three days a week. The plan features High Intensity Interval Training, known as HIIT, in which just ten minutes of highly effect targeted movement can produce greater benefits and weight loss than an hour of steady pace fast walking. These short burst workouts are simple and take minimal dedication to make a large and immediate difference in the speed of weight loss.

The Back on Track Plan for Bariatric Regain was developed by Bariatric Eating founder, Susan Maria Leach, who had RNY gastric bypass in 2001 and after experencing her own regain, realized the specific need for a formal plan to tackle weight gain during the years following bariatric surgery. For more information on Bariatric Eating’s protein and nutritional products visit or call 1-888-492-9992.

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Bariatric Eating was created to make life after weight-loss surgery enjoyable. The company is known for its high-quality, great-tasting protein powders and drinks as well as its bariatric-specific vitamins and supplements. For more information:

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