Axonic Lookeen: Lucene-Based Desktop Search Revealed

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Revolutionary desktop search solution combines the power of Lucene with intuitive interface design.

Louisville, Kentucky (PRUnderground) March 17th, 2015

In an exclusive interview with Stephen E Arnold, Axonic’s Peter Oehler explains the Lookeen desktop search product. Windows computers include a basic search function. Lookeen delivers high-speed retrieval, near real-time indexing, and an intuitive design.

Peter Oehler, Lookeen’s chief operating officer, explains the desktop search system in a Search Wizards Speak interview at [short link]. Oehler, who has worked on a number of enterprise applications for Microsoft Windows, said:

I would suggest that our core innovation is to implement the newest versions of Apache Lucene in our technology to create a strong desktop search application. Next my colleagues have worked quite diligently to embed these search functionalities into Outlook.

Stephen E Arnold pointed out that Lookeen is one of the first software companies to develop a full-featured desktop search information access system. Arnold added:

Lookeen requires no special training or complex set up. Lookeen allows a user to search external shared content directly from the Lookeen app. The interface is clear and logical. A busy professional can access needed documents, view and interact with them without launching an external application. Axonic has leapfrogged other desktop search systems with its new software.

Lookeen has addressed many of the problems desktop search software and ballooning hard drives create for users. With most desktop search systems trial and error are needed to locate an errant file. Lookeen slashes the time and frustration associated with locating a document referenced in an Outlook email without running separate applications to browse a referenced file.

Despite the dozens of desktop search software packages available today, a gap exists in desktop search despite the plethora of options. Desktop search has been, until recently, a problem with mostly incomplete solutions.

As Oehler said in his interview:

Lookeen aims to address this problem through simplified search, and further time saving features actionable through a streamlined unified interface.

A 14 day free trial is available. The license fee is $58 for a single user version. The company offers a business edition (at $83) which adds group policy functions and an enterprise edition, which begins at about $116 per user, however volume discounts are available.A 14-day trial is available at

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Stephen E. Arnold is a technology and financial analyst with more than thirty years of experience. He is the author of CyberOSINT: Next Generation Information Access. The 200 page monograph is the first report about automated threat detection via continuous collection, analysis, and reporting. In addition, he is the author of “The Google Legacy,” and he is the author of more than 60 journal articles and a number of other books. He wrote the  the first three editions of the 600-page “The Enterprise Search Report.” Since January 2008, he has published a free daily content processing and cyber OSINT newsletter at

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About ArnoldIT

Stephen E. Arnold is a technology and financial analyst with more than thirty years of experience. In addition to “The Google Legacy,” he is the author of more than 60 journal articles and a number of other books, including “The Path to the Total Network,” published in 1993. He also authored the first three editions of the 600-page encyclopedia of search called “The Enterprise Search Report.” He reports on the search industry in his blog Beyond Search at

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