Award Winning Author, Christa Jan Ryan, Reveals Domestic Abuse Wounds To The Media.

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Christa Jan Ryan (The Vagina Monologues NYC) is a domestic violence survivor. Starting October, Ryan launches a media awareness campaign on her website!

Boston, MA (PRUnderground) September 20th, 2010

Award winning author, Christa Jan Ryan, has had an interesting life. In fact, her life has often been filled with drama and adversity. Growing up with triplet sisters who had development and neurological issues taught her kindness Her daily survival of alcohol and drug addiction has taught her humility and self-acceptance. Being a female business owner in The Hamptons among the rich and famous taught her patience and brought out stamina. But it was her hand-ons experience with domestic abuse which has taught her the most valuable lesson of all, awareness.

In her book, SIlent Screams from The Hamptons, Ryan is explicit with all things learned in her life. Candid and honest, Ryan invites the reader a fly-on-the-wall point of view into her former life as a victim of domestic abuse. Now, Christa Jan Ryan is turning a new page. Already the recipient for The Award of Hope from the Center of Family Services in Camden, New Jersey; Ryan is reaching out to victims & survivors of domestic violence in a global media campaign.

Recently recognized by W.A.D.T. (Women Are Dreamers Too), Christa has received honorable acknowledgment from Dr. Cindy Williams. Ryan has always embodied global empathy in her all aspects of her work, thus her path as an author is no exception! Christa is utilizing her crowned success with Silent Screams from the Hamptons to advocate self-empowerment and discuss some controversial topics.

Starting on September 25th , Ryan’s website ( will feature a purple ribbon in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month- which is October. In addition, she will be updating her “Appearances” section. The “Appearances” section will showcase potential and solidified speaking dates where fans, and media alike, can meet the author in person.

Domestic Abuse is a subject matter close to Ryan’s heart. She is readily available to speak to the media about her own experience, as well as commentary on the element of make-up sex often contributing to the cycle of violence associated with domestic abuse.

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