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Surfers’ Earplugs Prevent Surfers’ Ear and Hearing Loss

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What is surfers’ ear?  It is a disorder of the ear canal where bony growths (exostoses) grow around the opening, gradually closing the ear over.  Surfers’ ear is caused by wind and sea water cooling the ear and the mastoid bone, the lump behind your ear.  It tends to be more severe in cold-water surfers… Read more »

Flying Ear Plugs Reduce Fatigue and Prevent Jet Lag on Long Flights

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Jet lag is tiredness, disorientation, headaches, digestive upset and general malaise caused by crossing time zones on long flights.  Other factors contribute, including uncomfortable seats, altered diet, flying at night, dehydration and noise.  Aircraft cabins can be very noisy places. Thankfully the noise of the engines is blocked out using microphones on the wings which… Read more »

Moulded Swimming Earplugs Can Prevent Swimmers’ Ear

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What is swimmers ear?  It is common condition caused by repeated or prolonged immersion in water.  The ear canal and external ear become red, itchy, sore and inflamed, also known as otitis externa.  If swimmers ear worsens it can spread to become a middle ear infection; otitis media.  This causes pain, discharge and can affect… Read more »

ZenPlugs Custom Moulded Earplugs Can Prevent Tinnitus and Noise Induced Hearing Loss

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Tinnitus, often described as ringing or buzzing in the ears, is associated with noise-induced hearing loss and deafness caused by repeated or prolonged exposure to loud noise.  It may be permanent and when severe it can have devastating effects on people’s lives, resulting in depression, anxiety, insomnia, relationship breakdown and loss of employment.  ZenPlugs Custom… Read more »

Skootch OCR is a Great Student App for iPhone

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Skootch OCR iPhone App converts images of text to editable text documents accurately and rapidly, saving time and money.  Utilising a powerful built-in Optical Character Recognition Engine, Skootch OCR makes writing PowerPoint presentations, references, dissertations, blogs and Word documents simpler and swifter making it a great app for students as it saves time otherwise spent… Read more »