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Holidays to China with China Tours to experience the region’s cultural heritage and ancient legends

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Subsequently the spacecraft Chang’e unlocked its docking mechanism with its lunar rover named Jade Rabbit driving across the lunar surface. The spacecraft and lunar rover were named as a result of an online poll. Both Chang’e and Jade Rabbit are from ancient Chinese legends. Chang’e was a beautiful young woman married to a hero King… Read more »

Travel to China with China Tours to see the terracotta warriors guarding the 2000-year old Qin Tomb

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2014 marks the fortieth anniversary since, a local farmer digging a well outside Xian China, struck upon one of the greatest archaeological discoveries in the world; a clay man-made life-sized soldier in full military uniform poised for battle. The subsequent escavations revealed thousands of clay soldiers in underground corridors in a vast area, which is now… Read more »

Travel to Beijing to the magnificent Forbidden City with China Tours & enjoy your holidays to China

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Wintertime in Beijing is cold, since the temperature can drop to minus 20 degrees centigrade. With largely wooden structures and no insulation in the ancient times, you may wonder how the imperial family kept themselves warm enough to survive the bitter climate. The answer lies primarily in the complex of tunnels which were dug out… Read more »