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EVDrive’s Technology Allows Electric UTVs (Side by Sides) to Compete w/ the Best – A Paradigm Shift?

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EVDrive introduces Terra-Torque-Drive™, a 4WD or AWD (more accurately known as IWD – independent wheel drive) technology, that as a complete hybrid powertrain package, has been touted as a potential paradigm shift in the UTV / side by side industry, as the Tesla Model S represented to the performance luxury car segment.  Similarly, prior to… Read more »

EVDrive Announces Terra-Torque-Drive™, a Powersports Industry Unique AWD Powertrain for UTVs

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EVDrive completed development and demonstrated a powersports industry first, an “electric 4-wheel 4-electric-motor torque vectoring technology” called Terra-Torque-Drive™, specifically geared to 4-wheel off-road powersports vehicles, such as for the rapidly growing market segment of side by side Utility Terrain Vehicles or UTVs. After taking recent demo rides in the EVDrive-UTV tech demonstrator, powersports industry insiders,… Read more »