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Will the upcoming changes to employment law cause wider issues for employers? – Ralli LLP

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Earlier this month, Ralli LLP Employment Law Solicitors Manchester reported the European Court of Justice’s (ECJ) ruling that would see travel to and from work counted as working hours for employees. The controversial ruling for employers will have greater ramifications in sectors where travel is the primary way of meeting clients and appointments. For sectors… Read more »

Four killed in tragic quad bike collision – Ralli LLP

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In the early hours of Monday morning four people believed to be celebrating a 16th birthday party were killed when a sports car collided with their unlicensed quad bike. Two women, aged 16 and 18, and 20-year old male were pronounced dead at the scene, a man also 20, died later due to head injuries… Read more »

Rugby World Cup Ticket Warning – Ralli Solicitors LLP

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Organisers of the 2015 Rugby World Cup are warning that there has been a huge rise in the circulation of fake tickets for the upcoming games. Those wishing to attend the finals are to be reminded that on tickets bought from official sources will be valid. Tickets for the general public can only be obtained… Read more »

FIFA corruption scandal continues to deepen – Ralli Solicitors LLP

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The on-going investigations by US prosecutors revolving around both “entities and individuals” have suggested that they will soon be making a fresh wave of arrests as more and more evidence of potential serious crime comes to light. Michael Luaber, the Swiss attorney general confirmed that a contract involving the sale of a lucrative TV rights contract was… Read more »