Posts By: koded producing great delivery and service at low, low prices

Posted by & filed under Sporting Goods. are continuing their aim of driving prices of sports and fitness equipment down while supporting a next day delivery service second to none. Over the past few months discountsportsfitness have increased their already huge product list, along with investing in stock availability. Discount sports fitness have quickly become a market leader in over 30… Read more »

Searching for missing heirs? Probate Genealogists are equipped to help.

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Every week the Treasury Solicitor updates the public ‘Bona Vacantia’ list of cases where someone has died intestate and there are no known heirs. Starting with the name of the deceased, probate genealogists, the professional ‘heir hunters’ employed by probate lawyers, may embark on a search process that can at times be relatively simple, at… Read more »

Contingency Fees and Bona Vacantia. The fairest way for beneficiaries?

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The general public’s perception of probate genealogy has changed following the broadcast of programmes such as ‘Who do you think you are?’ and ‘Heir Hunters.’ What was a relatively unknown industry has become high profile and beneficiaries are more likely to welcome the knock on the door from a professional heir hunter rather than great… Read more »

Heir Hunting has its Risks!

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Daniel Curran gives you the inside view of incomplete search records. Heir hunters, who have not taken out indemnity insurance before located heirs have received the distributed estate, know how problematic it can be when an entitled beneficiary emerges who had not previously been found, despite the heir hunters best attempts to make a complete… Read more »

Discount Sports Fitness imports the latest revolutionary equipment from around the world

Posted by & filed under Sporting Goods. owner Kev Thomas said `having had a very successful launch to our latest website we have set our sights on making the latest technology in both the sports equipment and health and fitness industries available to all of our loyal customers’. `This includes some of the latest fitness studio equipment from America including VIPR… Read more »