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Inaugural 2015 Globe Bowl & 5th National Pro Day Set for Allentown with Scouts from the USA & Abroad

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The Inaugural 2015 Globe Bowl presented by the National Bowl event company is officially set to be played at Salisbury High School Football Stadium in Allentown, PA on Sunday April 12, 2015 at 10:30am with practices at Hokee AA’s Bob Warke Field in Whitehall, PA starting April 10th. The Globe Bowl is the only post-season… Read more »

FCS BOWL at FIU expects NFL Scouts, Top Players as a double header with the National Bowl in Miami

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The best FCS college football players from around the nation will head to the Inaugural “FCS National Bowl” or “FCS BOWL” set for Miami Florida’s sunny National Bowl Weekend. The new FCS game creates an exciting scouting opportunity for top level talent from the NCAA’s Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) seniors. It will be a jammed… Read more »