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Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX) To Publish Its Own Financial Magazine

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Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX) starts publishing its own specialized analytical magazine called “Exchange Market Views” from the beginning of September 2013. Full-color monthly magazine will be available both in electronic and printed forms. The magazine will be distributed electronically to the exchange regional branches, farmers, traders, government agencies, NGOs and anyone who is interested in… Read more »

Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX) Train Broker For Trading In The Electronic Trading System

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Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX) train brokers for trading in the electronic trading system and invites everyone who previously took part in the educational training session to attend this two-day training. The training will cover such topics as: basic lecture on the exchange market, the main factors that affect the market, how to trade in the… Read more »

Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX) launched newly redesigned website

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Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX) has launched its newly redesigned website. By updating their main site they are now able to provide clients and visitors with a central portal for analyzing and understanding the commodities markets, as well as for obtaining detailed information on ONMEX’s services and products. Their new website presents their positions on… Read more »